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A flood wave on the Vistula. Flood rescue service in three poviats in the Lublin region

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A flood wave is moving across the Vistula. The Lublin voivode, Lech Sprawka, announced a flood emergency in the counties of Kraśnik, Opole and Puławy. There are places in the country where hydrological warnings are in place.

– Taking into account the exceedances of the warning levels of waters at the water gauges on the Vistula River, the Lublin voivode announced on September 3, 2021 from 12.30 a flood emergency for the following poviats: Kraśnik, Opole, Puławy, communes: Annopol, Józefów on the Vistula, Łaziska, Wilków , Puławy, Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec and the cities of Józefów on the Vistula and Puławy – said Agnieszka Strzępka, spokeswoman for the voivode.

The Lublin voivode obliged commune heads, mayors, presidents and starosts from the areas covered by the ordinance and all flood protection services to undertake the necessary organizational and technical actions in order to minimize the possible threats to life, health or property and environmental hazards.

– The regulation comes into force on the day of signing – informed Strzępka.

The state of water in rivers on September 3, 2021 at 8https://hydro.imgw.pl/#waterStatesMap

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IMWM hydrological warnings

Due to the movement of the flood wave after the rainfall, the synoptics of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued third and second degree hydrological alarms on a three-stage, increasing scale.

The following catchments were covered by the third degree hydrological warnings:

– section of the Nida River from Brzegi to the estuary to the Vistula River.

The following catchments were covered by the second degree hydrological warnings:

– Odra River from Brzeg Dolny to the mouth of the Barycz river,

– Odra River from the mouth of the Barycz river to the mouth of the Bóbr river,

– the Vistula River from the estuary of Kamienna to Dęblin,

– Wisła from the mouth of the Dunajec to the mouth of the Wisłoka.

IMWM hydrological warningstvnmeteo.pl for IMGW

What is the third degree hydrological alarm

As the definition of IMWM says, a third level warning means that “water levels (observed or forecasted) are in the zone above the alarm levels”.

What is the second degree hydrological alarm

A second level warning means that “water conditions (observed or forecasted) are in the zone above the warning conditions but below the alarm conditions”.

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