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A former policeman is fighting in court for compensation. False accusations destroyed his career

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Prosecutor Agnieszka Nowicka's wrong decisions have already cost the State Treasury two million zlotys. Only this money does not change the fact that the victims of her accusations feel that their lives have been broken. Among them is a former policeman who was imprisoned for over half a year based on the absurd, unverified allegations of a repentant gangster.

Prosecutor Anna Ockert is fighting in court in a case for compensation for former policeman Robert Kolasa. Her friend, prosecutor Agnieszka Nowicka, accused Kolasa of smuggling cigarettes. – I've never been to Sweden. The worst thing is that without any evidence, only on slander, I was imprisoned for over seven months – says the former policeman.

Instead of being at work, the district officer was supposed to sail on a ferry on the Baltic Sea – this is what the allegedly repentant criminal testified, but prosecutor Nowicka did not verify this. In front of her colleagues, she preferred to arrest a policeman. – In fact, she destroyed my personal life – admits the former policeman.

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Now Kolasa is demanding fair payment from the state. – Compensation in the amount of one million PLN and compensation in the amount of PLN 700,000 – informs Wojciech Urbaniak, lawyer and representative of Robert Kolasa. – In our opinion, this amount is disproportionate to the actual suffering – argued Ockert in the courtroom.

Bilewicz on the manual management of the prosecutor's office during the times of Zbigniew ZiobroTVN24

“It has not been settled yet”

Not only Mr. Robert is fighting to regain his face. In the same Poznań court, two rooms next door, a verdict has just been passed in the case of another victim of prosecutor Nowicka. Based on the gangster's false testimony, prosecutor Nowicka arrested Mr. Marek twice. Once every fifteen months. – I don't know if anyone apologized to you for this pre-trial detention. If not, I am innocent of this arrest, but the State Treasury apologizes to you, said judge Andrzej Klimowicz during the hearing.

Prosecutor Nowicka's investigations cost dearly. In Mr. Marek's case, the court awarded a total of PLN 260,000. – This is a tragedy for us, even for these people. For these prosecutors, for the judges, for the police. Everyone should be ashamed of themselves here – says the unjustly arrested person.

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Mr. Robert, in turn, had to leave the police and became a farmer. – I have been waiting for justice for eight years – the man confesses. – We are doing our job. We do them as the material allows, argues prosecutor Anna Ockert.

Prosecutor Nowicka's mistakes have already cost PLN 2 million. – He puts a lot of effort into what he does. This is his opinion: a reliable, hard-working prosecutor – assures Łukasz Wawrzyniak from the District Prosecutor's Office in Poznań. – One flaw is what prosecutor Nowicka did. The second flaw is that it has not been settled to this day, and we have new prosecutorial authorities, points out Piotr Żytnicki from “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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