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A four-day working week with no wage loss. Pilot program in Australia

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Twenty Australian companies will cut the working week to four days without a salary cut, reports the Australian portal 7news.com.au. The pilot program is to start in August and will last for six months. A similar project is also planned in New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand firms that have chosen to join the program include enterprises in a variety of sectors – from marketing agencies to healthcare organizations.

Four-day work week. Australian companies are testing

According to Denis Moriarty, president of the Australian technology company Our Community, in the last two years, due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity to remote workit was understood that it is worth changing the way the enterprise operates.

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Moriarty ensured that Our Community is now able to make changes, trust employees while maintaining productivity and ensuring a work-life balance.

The program is run by the organization 4 Day Week Global in cooperation with scientists from the University of Auckland in New Zealandthe Australian University of Queensland and the University of Sydney, and the American Boston College.

Andrew Barnes, founder of 4 Day Week Global, said the program is not just about productivity and work-life balance. Long before the pandemic, we realized that the five-day working week was no longer serving its purpose, and as we tried and examined the four-day week, it became clear that it was a necessary part of the solution to rebalance, Barnes said.

Four-day work week. Tests in other countries

This week, testing began shortened working day in Great Britain. 70 companies take part in it. Similar programs are currently being prepared in Canada, United States and Ireland. This year, the trials of the four-day working week are to be carried out in Spain and Scotland – announced 4 Day Week Global.

The largest four-day working week test so far was carried out by Iceland in 2015-2019 with 2,500 public sector employees. There was no decrease in performance among the participants, but their well-being significantly improved.

“ As we recover from the pandemic, more and more companies are realizing that the new competitive front is quality of life, and reducing working hours and focusing on productivity are measures that give them a competitive advantage, ” said Joe O’Connor of 4 Day Week Global .

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