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A great success for Adam Maciejewski and Łukasz Krakowczyk. Their surgery was named the best in the world in 2023

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We have wonderful doctors in Poland. Sometimes you can even say that they are the best in the world. One of the proofs of this is the success of Adam Maciejewski and Łukasz Krakowczyk, who received awards for their reconstructive surgery. It was recognized as the best surgery in the world in 2023.

Great applause and congratulations came from the best surgeons from around the world to two professors from Poland: Adam Maciejewski and Łukasz Krakowczyk, for the reconstructive surgery they performed in 2023 at the Oncology Center in Gliwice.

In the Bahamas, during the annual meeting of the American Society of Reconstructive Surgery, this surgery was recognized as the best in the world in 2023. Three hundred works competed for the title. Three made it to the finals. – Three cases are presented, selected as the best reconstruction of the past year, so qualifying for this tournament is already a great success, and winning means the highest laurels and the highest award – admits Professor Łukasz Krakowczyk, a surgeon from the Polish Society of Microvascular Surgery.

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The patient of Polish surgeons was 24-year-old Ukrainian Alina Tsoi, who was injured as a result of Russian bombing. She lost almost her entire face below her nose: part of her tongue, teeth, mouth, lips, jaw, chin and much of her neck. Doctors from Ukraine thought that this was the end, that the girl would not survive at all. – It was hard for me mentally. I didn’t realize for a long time how serious my injuries were. It was really hard, admits Alina.

Previously, Alina lived peacefully in her village near Nikolayev. She has two sons and – as she claims – it was the thought of them that allowed her not to break down. – Thanks to the children. After arriving in Poland, I didn’t see them for three months. Volunteers finally brought them. But when they called and said they loved me, I gained strength, emphasizes Alina.

His achievements amazed the medical world. Polish surgeon with a prestigious distinctionMarek Nowicki | Fakty TVN

A streak of successes

The award for the Gliwice team is another award from Professor Adam Maciejewski. Four years ago, he received the prestigious Marko Godina Award from the same society for his entire work. – In 2020, despite the pandemic, I actually visited several centers around the world, which is probably also a one-time adventure – says Professor Adam Maciejewski, a surgeon from the Polish Society of Microvascular Surgery. It was this team that performed the world’s first life-saving face transplant eleven years ago.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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