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A grenade launcher explosion in the office of Jarosław Szymczyk, former police chief. The first inspection findings are in place

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Both the police Office of Internal Affairs and the ministerial Office of Internal Oversight did not investigate the “grenade launcher” case, as if they had never learned about this famous event – these are the first findings of the inspection of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, which is examining the case of the explosion in the office of the former Chief Commander of Police, Jarosław Szymczyk.

According to tvn24.pl, explosion control is one of those carried out by the new Minister of Internal Affairs Marcin Kierwiński ordered his Control Department to give priority. As we previously reported, a study of how many police officers dealt with home security every day has already started Jarosław Kaczyński and the so-called monthlies.

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An audit is also beginning of how the dams on Poland’s eastern border were built, spending approximately PLN 1.6 billion.

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‘Shocking’ lack of action

According to our information, the first discovery of the inspectors regarding the explosion in Szymczyk’s office is the lack of any action by the police Office of Internal Affairs and the ministerial Office of Internal Oversight. – As if they never found out about this most famous event in the history of the Polish police. It’s shocking, says one of the officials at the Ministry of Internal Affairs to tvn24.pl.

Why does our interlocutor use the word “shocking” to describe this? Because both formations are supervised by the Minister of Internal Affairs. The latter is a new service that was established during the PiS government to provide the minister with information from the services subordinated to him, fully independently of the heads of these formations.

– Meanwhile, no action here, no attempt to clarify the matter. And sometimes both units deal with a policeman when he fires a shot at the shooting range, which ricochets and destroys the ceiling or wall – say our interlocutors, who asked not to be identified.

Embargo of the Ministry of Interior and Administration

Let us recall that the explosion in the office of Commander Jarosław Szymczyk occurred on December 14, 2022. The day before, the commander returned from a business trip to… Ukraine, in which he was accompanied by spokesman Mariusz Ciarka. The head of the Polish police then visited a contingent of sappers who were clearing mines in Ukraine. As a gift from the hosts, he received two grenade launchers which – as they assured – were supposed to be safe because they were already used.

They were transported across the border in the back seat of the commandant’s limousine. The driver then took them to the boss’s office, where he left them. When the commander showed up at work the next morning, he brought them to his office. A moment later there was a shot. The commander was slightly injured and was taken to the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration. In the following days, the command remained silent about what happened, journalists’ questions were answered by saying that “an error occurred during construction works.”

According to our information, the embargo was imposed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. So strict that, for example, the deputy provincial police commanders, who had their meeting in the capital at that time, found out nothing about it. Just like the directors of the Police Headquarters, who also heard the version about an “accident during renovation works”. There was also an ongoing prosecutor’s investigation into the case, in which Jarosław Szymczyk received the status of the injured party. In Ukraine, the deputy head of the state service for emergency situations, who handed over the grenade launcher, was suspended.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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