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A hailstorm in Krakow. Instantly it turned white

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In the last days, we can get a taste of winter. It snowed in the Tatra Mountains, and in Małopolska it also turned white – but due to violent hailstorms. We got the photos on Contact 24.

In the southern regions of Poland, the last days have brought winter weather. Some snow fell from Tuesday to Wednesday night in Zakopane. The roads and trees were covered with a white layer. At Kasprowy Wierch, where -5 degrees Celsius was recorded on Wednesday morning, the cover was four centimeters thick.

Hail falls near Krakow

It turns out that it is not only white in the mountains. According to Reporter 24 with the nickname Łukasz, there was a violent hailstorm in Nowa Huta near Krakow on Wednesday at about 4.30 pm. As the Internet user added, the photos show the amount of hail after a few minutes of rainfall.

According to the tvnmeteo.pl synoptic, Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, on Wednesday, a moderately active front was moving over Poland, behind which the cool and humid air flowed from the north.

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– We had a lot of weather variability. There was a lot of spotty showers, and there were plenty of puffy clouds. The sun made them rise, quite strongly in places. The conditions for the emergence of the hailstones were, although looking at the size of the spheres, the precipitation in Małopolska is on the border of hail and snow masses – said the weatherman.

On Thursday, Poland will be under the influence of the high-rise from France, but the lowland bay will be pressed into the high-pressure area, related to the low-pressure vortex from the Norwegian Sea. A warm atmospheric front will emerge over the western regions of the country. Cool polar air will gradually be displaced by warmer masses.

In Kraków, slight and moderate cloudiness is forecast for Thursday. Residents will see a maximum of 11 degrees Celsius on thermometers.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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