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A herd of wild boars is destroying the lawns between blocks of flats in Legionowo. Who will pay for it?

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A herd of wild boars plus a housing estate equals trouble. Wild boars are digging and ruining the lawns between blocks of flats. There is a dispute between institutions about whose wild boars are, i.e. who will pay for the losses. It's about three hundred thousand zlotys.

The housing cooperative in Legionowo is wringing its hands – there is virtually no lawn left between the blocks. The losses were estimated at two hundred to three hundred thousand zlotys. Who will pay for it? The management board sent out letters asking this question.

– Starosty: the ball was hit. Voivode: no. Marshal's office: no. Forest District: no – says Agnieszka Borkowska from the Tenant-Owner Housing Cooperative in Legionowo. – It is clearly defined what this boar really is. It is a national asset and belongs to the State Treasury. The problem is different and it is actually a top-down problem that there is such a fragmentation of competences – says Kamil StÄ™pkowski from the Legionowo City Hall.

The boar tried to take the woman's shopping bag

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Who will pay?

No one wants to admit to the damage caused by wildlife. – We pay compensation for damage to agricultural crops. Well, it's not farming, as you can see. This is a lawn – emphasizes Marta Milewska from the Marshal's Office of the Masovian Voivodeship. – The voivode replied that he was very sorry, but very sorry. Well, he won't pay, explains Agnieszka Borkowska.

The city hall sends guards armed with vuvuzelas to housing estates, who drive away wild gangs – even successfully. – They will come back here, we know that, but it will happen after some time. Because the boar likes peace, says Adam Nadworski, commander of the City Guard in Legionowo.

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– The legislator cannot keep up with the wild boars. So far, no regulations have actually been created that would allow any institution to pay compensation for such destruction in cities – emphasizes Marta Milewska. In this situation, there is either a cooperative collection or a lawsuit. – My attorney and I are still at the stage of monitoring the regulations. We will probably file a claim for compensation, says Agnieszka Borkowska.

Main photo source: Legionowo City Hall

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