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A historic German tram arrived in Warsaw from Krakow

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He is 61 years old and will stay in the capital throughout the holidays. A historic tram, which arrived in Poland from Nuremberg 30 years ago, came from Krakow to Warsaw. It is preserved in its original condition, with authentic equipment and painting from Germany. In turn, a historic tram from Warsaw called “Sausage” went to Krakow. This is the second such exchange.

– This is the second time that we are exchanging historic trams with Krakow during the holidays. After last year's experience, we decided to continue cooperation. This time we are changing to more spacious cars. GT6 tram no. 187 has arrived in Warsaw – said the spokesman for Tramwaje Warszawskie.

Kraków bought 44 German trams

The vehicle is 61 years old and comes from Nuremberg. In the 1990s, Kraków purchased 44 such cars second-hand. It came to the capital of Małopolska for the first time in 1994. – The wagon is unusual for Warsaw, because unlike other cities in Poland, we have never bought second-hand German trams, and it was very popular in the 1990s. In Warsaw, it was a certain monotony, because passengers could only ride on Polish-made trams, Dutkiewicz emphasized.

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The wagon, which came to Warsaw for the holidays, was manufactured in 1963. It is preserved in its original condition, with authentic equipment and painting from Germany – beige with green stripes. It has the coats of arms of Krakow and Nuremberg. The painting is very typical for German cities and unusual for Krakow, which has painted its trams blue since the turn of the 20th century. Wooden plywood seats are also characteristic.

– We are now starting train drivers in Warsaw, and technical workers should also learn how to operate this wagon. The wagon will be placed on the historic line during the holidays, Dutkiewicz said.

“Sausage” on the streets of Krakow

This year, Krakow chose one of the most Warsaw-like trams. The 13N series tram, number 503, went to Krakow. – This is the first Warsaw “sausage” tram, which we have restored to its appearance from the beginning of its operation. Type 13N wagons were produced from the turn of the 1950s and 1960s almost exclusively for Warsaw and could not be found in other cities – noted the spokesman for Tramwaje Warszawskie, Maciej Dutkiewicz.

– Only a few pieces reached Katowice, and over 830 have become a characteristic element of the capital's landscape. They can be seen in older films and series – Changeables, Czterdziestolatka, 07 zg się. Their sound was also very characteristic – loud gears. The sight of number 13 on the Krakow tracks will certainly be very unusual, Dutkiewicz said.

Last year, another much smaller and older wagon arrived in Warsaw. The blue tram marked SN4 was produced in 1910 and was initially used in the German city of Eberswalde. He came to Krakow during World War II.

– Before it was carefully renovated by Krakow tram workers, it served as a gazebo in a holiday resort by the lake for several dozen years. Last year, we lent Krakow tram drivers a slightly younger N type wagon – manufactured in 1949. It was a unique example because it took part in the opening of the WZ route on July 22, 1949. It also served travelers in Szczecin, and in the 1990s – after renovation in Krakow – it returned to the capital – said Dutkiewicz.

Main photo source: Warsaw Trams

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