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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A horse, three calves, 60 pigs, 300 hens died in a fire in the village of Bieńkowice

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A farm fire in the village of Bieńkowice near Raciborz. Firemen evacuated a family of four from the house. Nothing happened to the people. The animals could not be saved. Some of them burned down, others were poisoned by gases. Calves, pigs, chickens and a horse died. Only cows and bulls survived, because they were located in a shed next to a burning building.

The headquarters of the State Fire Service in Racibórz received information about a fire on a farm in Bieńkowice around 4 am. The fire appeared in the livestock building to which the apartment building is adjacent. A family of four was evacuated from the house.

A fire on a farm in BieńkowiceRaciborz 112


Almost 400 animals died: horses, pigs, calves, chickens

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Volunteer fire brigades and three PSP troops appeared on the spot. – The total building complex was 80 by 25 meters. By the time the firefighters arrived, roughly half of the livestock buildings were on fire, and the roof had already collapsed. A quarter of these areas and a residential building were saved – describes Brigadier Roland Kotula from the State Fire Service in Racibórz.

The residents are fine, but the losses are enormous – it was not possible to remove the animals from the farm building. – About 300 poultry, 60 pigs, three calves and one horse were burnt or poisoned by smoke. All animals in this building died. There was a lot of smoke there – said Kotula.

A fire on a farm in BieńkowiceRaciborz 112

Only cows and bulls survived

Nothing happened to the cows and bulls that were in the shed next to the building, and the straw stored there.

The firefighters are still there, they will be dismantling the burnt roof structure for the next few hours. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Main photo source: Raciborz 112

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