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A lawyer was beaten in Poznań because he drew the attention of touts from a go-go club. “The reaction overwhelmed me”

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Dangerous in the Old Town in Poznań. Touts from a go-go club armed with batons beat up a man, a lawyer, who had earlier noticed them after they hit another passer-by.

Mr. Marek was sitting with his father in a restaurant in the city center when he noticed touts from a strip club who were beating up a passer-by. – Why are you beating innocent bystanders? – He asked. After what he experienced later, he doesn't want to show his scarred face.

– Here (into the restaurant – editor's note) seven bandits with telescopic batons and gas enter and surround one person who told them not to hit passers-by – reports Mr. Marek.

They surrounded him and no one reacted. – And then he hit me for the first time, with an open hand, here on the temple – says Mr. Marek. – “I will cut you with a knife and break your arm,” he quotes criminals.

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There were other times apart from threats. – In the center of the Old Town, seven bandits are walking around the city and doing whatever they want. One of them threw a chair at me. If they had thrown me into a garbage can or, I don't know, if they had taken me to the forest, practically no one would have noticed it – says Mr. Marek.

By profession, Mr. Marek is a lawyer. He called the police. The two-person patrol arrived only half an hour later. – There is not a single police car on the Old Market Square. The policeman explained to me that “we have a staff shortage” and so on, and that the requirements are high and there are few people willing to work – says Mr. Marek.

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20 people were detainedCBŚP

“It was 1990s-level audacity.”

– Our activities are currently focused on identifying the perpetrators – says Sub-Inspector Iwona Liszczyńska from the press team of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań. The perpetrators of this offense face up to three years in prison.

Mr. Marek lost his sense of security when he was in the center of Poznań. – I wrote to the president asking if he could finally secure the Old Market Square and if he could do something about it – he says.

– A colossal difference, please see how it was and how it is. I certainly will not allow this activity to return and we will fight against it, announces the mayor of Poznań, Jacek Jaśkowiak.

Go-go clubs in Poznań, where customers were cheated of up to a million zlotys, have not disappeared, despite announcements. He still accosts and tempts customers. This is a poor showcase for the city. – It was audacity at the level of the 1990s – comments Mr. Marek.

The brutal impunity is shocking. – The law of the jungle, the law of the strongest. They show their face, they feel unpunished, and soon they will go around the premises and collect money – says Mr. Marek.

Now the man isn't sure if he did the right thing by paying attention. – I'm the one who responds. After this situation, I will definitely take a break. For the first time, the reaction and audacity completely overwhelmed me, because audacity is the most important word in all of this – he admits.

Main photo source: TVN24

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