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A man saves a child on the belts. We explain the popular video

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The short film shows a man allegedly risking his life to save a child from an oncoming car. The video evokes great emotions, but it does not show the real situation, and it was recorded as a warning. We explain how it was created.

Fractions of a second separate from tragedy – at least that’s what the short video shows, which has hundreds of thousands of views on social media. The low-quality video looks like it was recorded with a dash cam from inside a car that is driving along a road somewhere in the countryside or suburbs in a winter scenery. The car approaches the lanes and stops to give way to pedestrians. On the left, a child enters the passage, it is not visible whether it is a girl or a boy; at the same time, on the right, a man dressed in trousers and a jacket in reflective colors, looking like a work uniform, enters the “zebra”. Suddenly, the man jumps up, runs to the child, grabs him under his arm and carries him to the side of the road. Fractions of a second later, a black SUV drives at high speed over the place where the child was moments ago. It doesn’t brake, doesn’t stop and drives off. A man in fluorescent clothing looks back at him. It was very close to tragedy.

“Traffic thug” and “True hero at the crosswalk”

The recording is very popular in Polish social media – after it was published by Damian Żurawski, a councilor of the Civic Coalition in Sosnowiec, it was played over 300,000 times. times, almost 3 thousand. times given further, it also has over 18,000. likes. It evokes great emotions. Zurawski himself assessed: “When you meet your Guardian Angel at a crosswalk. He saved a child’s life!” Other commenters also send their compliments to the man who was supposed to save the child: “True hero at the crosswalk”; “An amazing man! He risked his life, he could have gone back and stayed on the safe side … he chose to save the child”; “He can congratulate himself on his reflexes and heart every morning. Whoever saves one life, saves the whole world” (original spelling of all posts). On the other hand, thunder falls on the driver of the SUV. “What caused the driver who decided to overtake the other one standing on the lanes – seriously, if he wasn’t going to save someone’s life, he should lose his license for life, including the wagon…”; “This road thug has already been caught and will be tried, right?”; “Take away driving license forever.” Some netizens believed that the recording was not real. Others claimed that they were recorded in Russia, and others that they were recorded in Poland, and demanded a reaction from the Polish police. We found entries with this recording in Russian, Chinese and English.

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Public figures also commented on them. “If it wasn’t for the angel and the child who were hit, according to the old law, Satan from the car could explain that an aggressive child had invaded him, and the experts would probably determine the child’s excessive speed. In the new law, there is no chance for that. He saw the child entering, he did not pass ” – he commented Polish Commissioner of the European Commission Janusz Wojciechowski on Twitter on December 4. He referred to the regulation in force in Poland from June 1, 2021, which also provides for the priority of pedestrians when entering the lanes. Also for this change of law received but critically, Sławomir Jastrzębowski from the Salon24.pl portal: “Remember, dear children! You don’t have to look around at pedestrian crossings, because specialists and experts will explain to you that you have priority.”

The reaction of the Belarusian services. Interrogation of the author

The recording does not come from Poland or Russia, but from Belarus. December 1 commented them on Telegram Ministry of the Interior of that country. It reported that employees of the Road Traffic Inspection found the man responsible for its creation. He was described as a “video author, actor and director” from Minsk. It was he who played the role of a pedestrian-hero. It was reported that he decided to create such a video using computer graphics to draw the attention of drivers to the need to comply with the rules. He also wanted to sensitize parents to teach their children how to navigate the roads. “By the way, there was actually no car that nearly hit the child,” it said.

Two recordings have been added to the entry – the described video and an interview with the author of the video. He introduces himself as Andrei Gomiliaev and explains the circumstances of the material’s creation. He says he recorded the video with his wife, who was driving a car that stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing. He himself was a man in reflective clothing, and the rescued child was their son. “I added a passing car by computer. It wasn’t difficult,” admitted the Belarusian. He also said that they were especially looking for a secluded place with little traffic, so as not to pose an additional threat. The man defends that the video they originally posted on TikTok was accompanied by a warning, also in English, that the whole situation is fictitious.

The original material that the man was talking about was published on a tiktok account founded in the middle of this year @all_about_nati. A young woman, Natalia, as well as her husband Andrei and their children publish videos showing how they live in Belarus. They also post numerous funny videos using effects added later in computer editing, for example with their dog on the ceiling.

“The situation is fictitious”

The video, which was supposed to show a dangerous situation on a pedestrian crossing, stayed published November 30 in the morning and played so far 890 thousand. times. It has almost 49 thousand. likes. And indeed – as Andrei Gomylayev said during the interrogation – he is provided with a warning. “#fakevideo! Video created for educational purposes. The situation is fictitious and filmed by professionals. Don’t try to repeat it,” reads its Russian description (ed. translation). At the top and bottom of the frame and at the end there are inscriptions in Russian and English: “Be careful on the road. Do not break traffic rules! (ed. translation)”.

Man in explanations for one of Belarusian portals once again explains that the video is a staging that he and his wife recorded to draw attention to the problem of road safety. “We posted it on our TikTok channel. Someone downloaded it from there, removed the subtitles and spread it as authentic,” Gomylyaev reported.

On December 1, another one appeared on their Tik Tok profile videoin which they show how exactly they created the recording in the editing program. They show shots from two cameras (one in the woman’s car, the other on the side of the road), showing how the man grabs the child and carries it across the aisle. There is no speeding car there, which – as the man claims – he later added by computer. At the end of the video, the man and his son pose in clothes similar to those in which he passes through the belts.

The authors of the video showed how they made them in the editing program. There are shots where you can’t see the car passing at high speed. @all_about_nati

On the same day, the man posted this video on his channel on YouTube. So far, he has posted there materials documenting accidents on Belarusian roads and their consequences.

Author:Jan Kunert, collaboration Michał Istel

Main photo source: Andrei Gomylayev

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