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A meow came from under the mask – TVN24

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After returning to the parked car, the owner of the vehicle heard a meow coming from under the hood. City guards came to the rescue of the animal, but getting it out of the car turned out to be very difficult. Another driver who witnessed this unusual – in the summer season – situation helped. The cat is now safe and will be up for adoption soon.

The incident happened on Tuesday, June 20 in the morning. To the application number city ​​guard a concerned woman called, returned to her parked car, found a meow coming from under the hood. This could indicate that a cat was wedged under the hood of the car.

– The uniformed officers tried to free the trapped animal, but the task turned out to be very difficult – informed Monika Domachowska, inspector of the Gdańsk City Guard for media contact.

Getting the cat out of the vehicle proved difficultSM Gdansk

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Another driver came to the aid of the officers, who, seeing the struggle of the guards, decided to help them.

– After unscrewing a few elements, the “rescue team” managed to free the trapped cat – adds Domachowska.

Thanks to the help of another driver, the trapped cat was freed from under the hoodSM Gdansk

The animal is whole and healthy

Exhausted and scared, the animal went to the “Promyk” shelter. His life is no longer in danger. As soon as he is tamed, a photo session awaits him, and then adoption.

– This is a young, about 2.5-3 month old, well-fed kitty. Fortunately, the engine was not started, so there was no damage to the limbs or burns. For now, the animal hisses at the sight of a human and sticks in the corner, but it’s understandable, because trying to pull it out from under the mask could have aroused fear in it. Usually it is a matter of a week before he acclimatizes with us – the shelter employee tells us.

As he emphasizes, this is quite an unusual situation in the summer season, because usually cats are looking for a source of heat under the hood.

“Most likely, the cat must have been scared of something and sought shelter,” he adds.

Main photo source: SM Gdansk

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