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A meteorite was found in France. The space rock it comes from entered the atmosphere a few days ago

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18-year-old student Loïs Leblanc found one of the fragments of the space rock Sar2667, which entered the Earth’s atmosphere on Sunday night to Monday. The meteorite was discovered in Saint-Pierre-le-Viger, France.

Sar2667 lit up the sky on the night from Sunday to Monday (February 12/13). The discovery of the space rock (which is an asteroid or meteoroid) by astronomer Krisztián Sárneczky happened a few hours before it entered the Earth’s atmosphere. A huge flash of light was visible to observers in southern England, Wales and northern France and western Belgium.

Fragments of a celestial body fell to Earth. One of them was found by 18-year-old student Loïs Leblanc, who is part of a group of volunteers searching for Vigie-Ciel space rocks as part of the FRIPON project. The meteorite was discovered in a field in Saint-Pierre-le-Viger, north of the French city of Rouen. The team will continue to comb the area as they may find more fragments.

FRIPON is an international project aimed at observing and searching for celestial bodies.

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Potentially dangerous object – what does it mean

Sar2667 was discovered by Sárneczky at the Piszkéstető Station observatory, located about 100 kilometers northeast of Budapest. These were routine observations.

“It was immediately obvious that it was a NEO, but it wasn’t particularly fast in the sky because it was headed straight for us,” said Sárneczky.

NEOs (Near-Earth objects) are asteroids and comets whose orbits pass close to the Earth’s orbit. Any object approaching our planet within 7.5 million kilometers (19.5 times the distance to the Moon) is classified as a potentially dangerous object (PHO – Potentially Hazardous Object). These are celestial bodies that move around the Sun in orbits that intersect or are close to the Earth’s orbit and have a diameter of at least 150 meters.

According to FRIPON, another meteorite fell near Ghent in Belgium.

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Meteor over the English ChannelReuters/Twitter/@KadeFlowers/Twitter/@fc_kova

Main photo source: Reuters/Twitter/@KadeFlowers, Twitter

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