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A mysterious light flashed across the Polish sky. What was it?

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A clear, bright point was visible on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in the Polish sky. As it turns out, it was related to the beginning of a very important mission of the European Space Agency. We received the material on Kontakt 24.

On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a clear point of light crossed the sky over Poland. It was clearly visible around 1:35 a.m. our time, when the sky over part of the country was clearing and the clouds were thinning. The phenomenon was captured by Reporter 24, Mr. Rafał.


A recording of the phenomenon recorded above Krakow we also received from Mr. Łukasz Kanclerski.

Deorbitation of Falcon 9 over Krakow - 28/29/05/24

Deorbitation of Falcon 9 over Krakow – 28/29/05/24Łukasz Kanclerski

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Before deorbitation

As explained by Adam Hurcewicz from the blog “On space and astronautics”, the source of the mysterious light turned out to be the Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX, which took off from the Vanderberg military space base in California, United States, just after midnight our time. The facility placed the EarthCARE satellite, belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA), into orbit around the Earth.

“Around 1:35 a.m. it was visible while dropping the remaining fuel, preparing for deorbitation,” he said, adding that Falcon 9 carried the satellite into a polar orbit of 96.7 degrees.

The main mission of the EarthCARE satellite will be to study clouds and atmospheric aerosols. Based on the data he collects, scientists will develop precise models of clouds, including their composition and evolution. These data will be key to better understanding the mechanisms occurring in the atmosphere contributing to climate change.

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Main photo source: Łukasz Kanclerski

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