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A new majority is getting ready to rule, Donald Tusk as prime minister. Dariusz Klimczak: there must be a dragon’s entry into every resort

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We want Donald Tusk’s government to be formed as soon as possible. So much time is wasted, and there are so many urgent projects, said Dariusz Klimczak from PSL on TVN24. He emphasized that “there must be a dragon entering the resorts.” – Immediately work, projects, solutions – he said.

On December 11, according to the government spokesman’s announcement, Mateusz Morawiecki He will deliver an expose in the Sejm and seek a vote of confidence. However, his government does not have a majority. He will probably become the next prime minister Donald Tusk.

Dariusz Klimczak from PSL. – We want it to be as soon as possible. So much time is wasted, and there are so many urgent projects, he said.

– Immediately after the vote on the vote of confidence in Prime Minister Morawiecki, we move on to choice prime minister and government. We hope it will happen on the same day, he added.

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He noted that “unfortunately, there is no agreement on this issue” with the president to “know that if this government is elected at some point, we will have an invitation from the president to be sworn in.” – But our candidate Donald Tusk said that if the prime minister and government are elected, he can easily deliver an exposé the next day and then be sworn in, Klimczak noted.

“There must be a dragon entrance into every resort”

Klimczak also said that “it is no big secret that those entrusted with the most important functions in the state (in Tusk’s government) are preparing very thoroughly.”

– Those issues that have dynamics are being discussed. Of course, none of the candidates for ministers has their own support base, such as the ministry, but this work is already underway. This must be the entrance of the dragon into every resort. Immediately work, projects, solutions – he emphasized.

Main photo source: TVN24

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