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A new type of gasoline with an increased share of biocomponents – a government project

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A new type of gasoline with an increased share of biocomponents from 2024 – this is the government’s idea, which was included in the draft proposal included in the list of legislative works of the Council of Ministers.

The list of legislative and program works of the Council of Ministers announced the commencement of works on the draft act amending the act on biocomponents and liquid biofuels and amending the act on the fuel quality monitoring and control system, introducing the regulation of the domestic biofuel sector with regard to the obligation to use biocomponents added to fuels transport.

A new type of gasoline

As explained in connection with the invasion Russia to Ukraine and the introduction of sanctions by the EU, the fuel market is undergoing major changes, in particular in the areas of supply chains, both in crude oil and in ready-made liquid fuels: diesel oil and gasoline. “In this difficult situation, especially for the transport sector, all the methods are valuable, the implementation of which may reduce fluctuations fuel prices for transport and the need to import them “- underlined.

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The proposed solution in the project is “regulation of the domestic biofuel sector for the period of 2023 with regard to the possibilities and obligations of using biocomponents added to transport fuels”.

It added that the issue of reducing dependence on the import of fossil raw materials from Russia also requires regulation, especially in the context of the sixth package of sanctions implemented by the EU. “The solution proposed in this regard is the implementation of E10 motor gasoline, ie with an increased share of biocomponents” – it was informed.

The list shows that this type of gasoline would be available from 2024.

The draft also includes provisions regulating the implementation of the National Index Target in 2023, “including those specifying the minimum level of NBT implementation, the amount of the reduction factor, and the level of obligatory blending for diesel fuel” – it was written.

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