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A new viaduct at the Warszawa Zachodnia station. What will change?

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Efficient passage from the Radom line to the ring road will be ensured by a new truss viaduct built as part of the investment in Warszawa Zachodnia. There will be a direct connection with Radom, Warka and Piaseczno, e.g. to Warsaw Młynów and Warsaw Gdańska on the ring line, said PKP PLK spokesman Karol Jakubowski.

On March 12, trains will run on a new railway viaduct built as part of the investment at the Warszawa Zachodnia station – The facility will enable a direct connection of the Radom line with the ring line. Efficient connections will be ensured between Radom, Warka and Piaseczno and Modlin, Legionowo and Wieliszew, explains PKP PLK’s spokesman in a press release.

1700 tons

As he describes, the new facility is “a truss structure 120 meters long, 16 meters high and weighing 1,700 tons”. There are two tracks and a catenary on the viaduct. An additional turnout has been installed, which increases the capacity of the station and the possibilities of connections from the Radom line. – Its construction was carried out in stages. First, a viaduct structure was created next to the track, which was then slid over the concrete elements of the old “box” viaduct. Finally, the concrete elements were removed and the tracks and catenary were laid on the viaduct. The final stage of this part of the investment were load tests. The works – with appropriate protection, were carried out without stopping train traffic – indicates Jakubowski.

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He also assures that the commissioning of the new viaduct will enable the contractor to continue a large scope of work between the Warszawa Aleje Jerozolimskie stop and Warszawa Zachodnia. Changes in train running are temporary.

What will change?

From March 12, trains traveling from the Radom line will enter the ring line. Regional and agglomeration trains will stop at platform 9 of Warszawa Zachodnia station, and then at Warszawa Wola, Młynów, Koło, Powązki stops and at Warsaw Gdansk.

– Efficient communication will be ensured by two transfer nodes that connect the railway with public transport. In Warsaw Młynów, it is possible to quickly change to the second metro line. On the other hand, in Warszawa Gdańska, travelers from the platforms will be able to go to the subway, trams and buses, says Jakubowski.

Some trains from the Radom line will end their run at Warszawa Główna station. From here, travelers will be able to get to the center of the capital by choosing buses and trams.

Works at Warszawa Zachodnia station

At the Warszawa Zachodnia station, work continues on the extension of the underground passage, the reconstruction of the platforms and the construction of a new roof. As part of the investment, a space for a stop and a tram line is also being created under the station.

All platforms will be covered. Escalators, elevators, a dynamic information system and wide passages will facilitate access to trains. It will be easier to combine rail travel with public transport. Safe rail traffic management will be ensured by modern equipment and computer systems. Agglomeration and long-distance journeys will be more efficient. Engineering facilities, kilometers of installations, tracks, turnouts and traction network have been comprehensively reconstructed.

The project “Works on the cross-city line in Warsaw on the Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Zachodnia section” is worth about PLN 2 billion.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara / PAP

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