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A nine-year-old brought home an anti-aircraft missile

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A resident of the Mościce (Lesser Poland) district of Tarnów informed the police that his nine-year-old son had brought home an object resembling a bullet. It turned out that the unexploded ordnance dates back to World War II.

The boy found the item in the grass and brought it home. The nine-year-old’s father called the police.

– Policemen from the Miners and Pyrotechnics Team of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Tarnów came to the apartment. They identified the rusty object as a 30-millimeter anti-aircraft missile from World War II, informs Sebastian Gleń, a spokesman for the Małopolska police.

The boy brought home an anti-aircraft missileMalopolska Police

The boy’s father notified the policeMalopolska Police

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– After consultations with the sappers of the Polish Army from Rzeszów, the missile was secured in accordance with their guidelines and the evacuation of residents was not undertaken – informs the spokesman. The unexploded explosion was deposited in a police unit, and the next day it was picked up by the ministerial patrol of the 21st Command Battalion from Rzeszów and neutralized.

The police advise to carefully handle found unexploded ordnance.

Main photo source: Malopolska Police

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