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A police car drove straight into a driving school car. The officer pleaded guilty and was cautioned

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The confession was a formality, because there is a recording of a policeman driving with his lights on, driving off the lane to the right – straight into a driving school car. This is not an exceptional situation.

On February 12, a police car driving with traffic lights on collided with a Toyota driving school car in Wrocław. For the student, it was a forced lesson from a policeman. A show of lack of imagination and skills – commented by those who are just learning how to use the roads safely. – We learn good habits and quick reactions. But there is stress. Especially when the police were passing us somewhere with their signals – admits driving student Ewa Małolepsza.

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The police were in a hurry to make an urgent call. The perpetrator did not receive a ticket or penalty points from his colleagues in police uniforms. He was threatened with at least PLN 1,000 and six penalty points. – He took full responsibility for this incident. The officers of the Road Traffic Department decided to end the proceedings with a warning – says Junior Asp. Rafał Jarząb from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wrocław. The officer may still lose his bonus or be reprimanded – disciplinary proceedings are underway.

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Collision of a police car with a driving school car in WrocławSTOP THE BAD

No imagination

– Of the two evils, it is better to experience such a situation during the course with an instructor next to you – says Karol Oleszek, owner of the “KopaMa” driving school.

Only the driver of the driving school vehicle behaved exemplarily on the road. – Seeing an approaching police car from behind, he correctly moved into the right lane to give way to it – says Dariusz Tyrakowski, owner of the “Tyrakowscy” driving school.

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– Police officers are trained how to drive fast, how to drive well, they take part in various courses to improve driving techniques, so they have experience, but they must also have imagination – says rally driver Michał Kościuszko.

This is sometimes missing and such examples always cast a shadow on them. When demanding from others and punishing them for transgressions, you have to lead by example. Especially in a country where there is no shortage of pirate exploits on the roads.

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– A policeman cannot feel like a tsar or emperor when driving an emergency vehicle. You have to be the Holy Spirit to predict everything – comments driving instructor Stefan Rzońca.

Just respect each other and don’t run afoul of the law. – The driver of an emergency vehicle may, I may emphasize, not comply with the regulations, but he must do so with particular caution – adds Junior Asp. Rafał Jastrząb.

The collision with the police car did not discourage the student from continuing her studies.

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