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A policewoman from Sosnowiec saved a child in Egypt

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The parents of a two-year-old Czech girl who choked during her holidays in Marsa Alam in Egypt experienced moments of terror. At first, no one could help the girl. The child began to breathe again thanks to a policewoman from Sosnowiec (Śląskie Voivodeship) who was spending her vacation at the resort.

Staff sergeant Aleksandra Białek from the Sosnowiec police spends his vacation in Mars Alam in Egypt. It was there that she gave first aid to a two-year-old who choked. The toddler tried, coughing and grunting, to get rid of something that was keeping him from breathing. Unfortunately, to no avail. Despite attempts, the child was unable to breathe and gradually lost consciousness.


Police: parents tried to grab their baby

“The policewoman quickly noticed a package of soluble gums on the girl’s deckchair. She took the child from her parents, who in panic were only tossing it upwards, which had absolutely no effect. She began to hit between his shoulder blades and put pressure on his chest. Seeing that the child’s body became flaccid, because the little one had already lost consciousness, she proceeded to resuscitate the toddler, interrupting it again and again, still trying to remove the obstacle from the child’s respiratory tract “- she said in a press release police press office in Sosnowiec.

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Providing first aid to a child was additionally made more difficult by the parents themselves, who, terrified – not seeing the effects of the action and not understanding Polish and English – tried to snatch the child from a policewoman.

“However, the policewoman’s husband made it impossible for them to do so. After one attempt in a row, the child coughed up the candy and gasped. After a while it returned to itself and calmed down in mum’s arms. it does not threaten “- it was informed.

It is known that the girl is a citizen Czech. When the emotions subsided, the smiling child thanked the policewoman for her help. “She told the policewoman that she was her angel and gave her a flower and candy in a gesture of gratitude,” we read in the release.

How to give a child first aid? Paramedic translates How to let a child discover the world and at the same time provide medical help when necessary – reporter Marta Ludwiczek talked about this with the rescuer Artur Żurek. TVN24

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