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A potentially dangerous asteroid has zoomed past Earth

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On Wednesday morning, asteroid 2013 WV44 passed the Earth. The object is moving at a speed of over 42,000 kilometers per hour. Its diameter is 160 meters.

Asteroid 2013 WV44 passed the Earth around 10 a.m. Wednesday. NASA (CNEOS).

Potentially dangerous

The asteroid was first observed in 2013. Astronomers have noticed that it is moving at more than 42,000 kilometers per hour – about 34 times faster than the speed of sound.

2013 WV44 is one of the so-called Near-Earth Objects, and is large enough in size and orbits in such a way that it is considered Potentially Hazardous Asteroids.

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“Most near-Earth objects (NEOs) pose no threat whatsoever,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) noted in a blog post.

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Main photo source: ImageBank4U – stock.adobe.com

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