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A question from “Millionaires” about a boiler, the elements of which are a drum and a stand

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The walczak and the stand are the essential elements of a gas boiler, steam engine, drummer or glacier? This question was answered in “Millionaires” by Ms Anna Dorabialska from Warsaw.

Mrs. Ania started her game in the previous episode. She then answered seven questions, and the program ran out of time. The competitor won PLN 40,000 using two lifebuoys – half and half and a question to the audience.

The participant continued her game in the Wednesday episode. One of the questions she heard concerned the key components of the boiler.

The drum and the stand are the basic elements of the boiler:

A: gas engine B: steam locomotive C: drummer D: glacier

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The stand and the drum are elements of the steam locomotive’s boiler. There is a fire box in the rack, in which the process of burning coal or other fuel takes place. The Walczak is a horizontal, oblong cylindrical tank through which water flows. In it, under the influence of temperature, water turns into steam. So the correct answer is B.

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