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A question in “Millioners” about Osa produced in Warsaw

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The wasp produced in Warsaw since 1959 is: a van, a scooter, a bicycle or a scooter? This question was answered by Mr. Marcel Pawleta from Opole for a thousand zlotys in “Millionaires”.

In order to win the grand prize, the contestant must correctly answer 12 questions. Mr. Marcel has just started playing in the program. Choosing the correct answer to this question guarantees the player a win of PLN 1,000.

The question required automotive knowledge.

The wasp produced in Warsaw since 1959 is:

A: van B: scooter C: bike D: scooter

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The wasp is a scooter produced in the People’s Republic of Poland. The Warsaw Motorcycle Factory was responsible for its production. Osa had two prototypes – Żuk and Bąka. Vehicle assembly began in 1959. Production ceased six years later. The correct answer is D.

Do you want to try your hand at “Millionaires”? Report to the casting. All information can be found on the website milionerzy.tvn.pl .

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