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A Russian fighter jet crashed into an American Reaper drone over the Black Sea. Experts comment on the incident

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Experts in “Fakty po Faktach” commented on the incident over the Black Sea, in which a Russian fighter crashed into an American unmanned drone. – The entire NATO and American reconnaissance of Ukraine is a thorn in the eye for the Russians. It not only annoys them. They are taking action to prevent this – commented reserve colonel Maciej Matysiak. – The Russians are trying to do something to interrupt the tasks performed by manned aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles – added Mariusz Cielma, editor-in-chief of “Nowa Technika Wojskowa”.

The Russian Su-27 fighter crashed into the propeller of the MQ-9 Reaper unmanned dronewhich led to its breakup. US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby called the incident “dangerous, unprofessional and reckless.”

MQ-9 ReaperU.S. Air Force

The seriousness of the incident was assessed in “Fakty po “Fakty” on TVN24 by reserve colonel Maciej Matysiak, an expert of the STRATPOINTS foundation and former deputy head of the SKW, and Mariusz Cielma, editor-in-chief of “Nowa Techniki Wojskowa” and editor-in-chief of the Dziennik Zbrojny portal.

Matysiak: This is a deliberate action by the Russians. They wanted to counteract because they had done it many times before

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Matysiak assessed that, in his opinion, “not too serious” consequences can be expected, apart from the diplomatic ones, “because nothing happened to anyone.” “That’s probably why the Russians allowed themselves such a direct impact,” he said.

– Keep in mind that there were more of these incidents. Recently, maybe a month ago, the Russians fired at, although not far away, reconnaissance aircraft and British escorts over the Black Sea, they flew close to our space, they were intercepted – he pointed out. “Also, there are certainly many incidents that we don’t know about, so I wouldn’t attach particular importance to the consequences of this incident,” he concluded.

MQ-9 ReaperU.S. Air Force

According to Matysiak, “all NATO and American reconnaissance Ukraine is a thorn in the eye for the Russians.” “Their, one might use a stronger word, not only irritates, it gives a definite advantage of insight into the field, operations, and data delivery,” he said. “Therefore, the Russians are taking steps to prevent, he added.

– According to the pilots I consulted, the Su-27 cannot be dumped in liquid form, but spare fuel tanks can be dumped. And the pilots believe that such a maneuver was committed by the Russians, i.e. they approached the Reaper in order to hit it with these reserve tanks, i.e. hit it. Probably, as they have a small raid and modest skills, they did not exercise due caution and, nevertheless, accidentally, in this maneuver to overpower this tank, there was a collision – he explained.

At the same time, he pointed out that Reaper is a large aerial object. – The wings have a span of about twenty meters, it’s not a small plane, a drone, it’s a powerful machine – he pointed out. – So it was definitely a deliberate action of the Russians. Yes, they wanted to counteract, because they have already done it many times – he noted.

Cielma: The Russians are trying to do something to interrupt the tasks of manned and unmanned aircraft

Cielma, in turn, commented that “certainly things have gone far”. Noting that the UAV was over the Black Sea, he stated that “the Russian pilot behaved very irresponsibly, considering the speeds at which these aircraft, especially the fighter, are moving, and if we take into account the size of the propeller of such an aircraft.” unmanned aerial vehicle, he said.

– I think that such maneuvers are not allowed even by well-coordinated pilots of aerobatic teams who know their skills well – he assessed.

In his opinion, in today’s incident “we were dealing with an accident”. – The Russians themselves should recognize that it is good that it ended like this, because if the impact was on the aircraft itself, on the Reaper, it could end up in such a way that the Russian pilot would have to catapult – he said. – The Russians are furious because they are aware of the importance of the support of the West, the support of the United States for Ukraine. It is not without reason that unmanned aerial vehicles, larger and smaller, manned machines, i.e. large reconnaissance aircraft, “hang” over the Black Sea and are such an early warning system – he added.

– There was also a bit of activity on the Black Sea today, Russian Su-24 tactical bombers fired missiles towards Odessa. So they’re trying to do something to stop the tasks they’re doing, whether it’s manned aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles, he noted.

Cielma added that he did not expect “big consequences” in this case. – In addition to official talks, there are so-called red lines and I think that there was some contact here, because at this stage the Russians do not care that United States somehow more boldly announced the next steps, even support for Ukraine – he said.

Cielma: The Russian pilot behaved very irresponsiblyTVN24

Main photo source: U.S. Air Force

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