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A series of hybrid attacks in Poland. There is a comment from the US authorities

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As Kirby said, USA are watching the fight against hybrid attacks “with great concern”. – And as you can imagine, we remain in very close contact with our own Polish alliesto ensure that they have what they need, he said during the briefing Foreign Press Center in Washington. He referred to it this way a number of incidents in Poland and the declaration of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorskithat Poland is the target of a hybrid operation.

When asked when such actions might cross the line requiring a response NATO, Kirby stated that this was the responsibility of the Alliance itself. He added, however, that as far as he knows, there is no active discussion on the subject within NATO activation of Article 5 on this account.

Biden will fly to France. It is possible that he will meet with Zelensky

During the briefing, Kirby also presented the upcoming program president's visit Joe Biden in Francewhere he will take part in commemorative ceremonies 80th anniversary of the Allied landing on Normandywill deliver a speech on defending democracy and will be received by the President of France as part of a state visit Emmanuel Macron. He announced that it would be among the main topics of the talks long-term support for Ukraine – including through the use of frozen Russian assets – as well as partnership with Paris to defend a “free and open Indo-Pacific“.

He suggested that both presidents would sign a number of agreements deepening cooperation in Asia“not only from a security perspective, but also from an economic and diplomatic perspective, which will increase investments in clean energy and nuclear energy. He also did not rule out that there would be a meeting of the presidents on the sidelines of the ceremony in Normandy Bidena i Zelensky.

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Kirby also answered a number of questions about changing U.S. policy regarding Ukraine's use American weapons on Russian territory. A White House representative clarified that authorization for strikes inside Russia is limited, “mostly” to the territory around it Kharkov, and concerns the destruction of Russian troops and systems preparing for an attack. “Common sense says we should allow them to use the weapons provided by the US to be able to respond to this threat,” he said.

A Russian medium with a question for Kirby. Retort

When the Russian correspondent of RIA Novosti stated that it was important for Ukraine not to go beyond this framework and to commit to refraining from deeper strikes in writing, Kirby replied that Ukrainians understand what was agreedbut if Russians are so concerned, then “the best and most effective way to calm this unrest is to take their troops and get the hell out of Ukraine.”

Asked about not inviting Russia to the anniversary celebrations “D-Day”, Kirby emphasized that this was a French decision over which the US had no influence. He added that although the US does not intend to hide its involvement Soviet Union in defeating the Third Reich, today Vladimir Putin independently tries to destroy the post-war order and principles that the USSR contributed to establishing.

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