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A series of railway accidents. Statement of PKP PLK: Those of us who work the longest in the company do not remember such a day

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Polish railway is one of the safest in European railways. Despite this, days like today also happen on our infrastructure – said Mirosław Skubszyński, Vice-President of the Management Board of PKP PLK, referring to a series of serious incidents that took place on Thursday on Polish tracks. “Those of us who have been with the company the longest don’t remember a day like this,” he added. Earlier, PKP PLK announced that a team was appointed to improve transport after Thursday’s events.

There were three serious incidents on the tracks on Thursday. In the morning, the derailment occurred in Białystok (Podlaskie Voivodeship). The train going to Warsaw ran off the rails shortly after leaving the station. The second accident happened after 12.00 near Skierniewice (Łódź Voivodeship). Two trains collided on the Warsaw-Łódź route. After 1 p.m., a freight train passing through the Poznań Starołęka station was derailed. The depot blocked the main road in this area of ​​the city.

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In addition, after 7 am in the vicinity of Dworek and Uliszki in the province of West Pomeranian there was an accident on the tracks. A train from Gryfice to Koszalin hit a bus passing through an unguarded crossing there. The bus driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

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Vice President of PKP PLK: Those of us who work the longest in the company do not remember such a day

Thursday’s accidents at the press conference were commented on by the vice-president of the management board of PKP PLK, Mirosław Skubszyński. – Polish railway is one of the safest in European railways. Despite this, days like today also happen in our infrastructure, although when we were looking for such a day in our memory and in statistics, I must honestly admit that those of us who work the longest in the company do not remember such a day – he said. – Accumulation of many different events, which also took place in different parts of the country, and had an impact on rail traffic today – he added.

He assessed that “in all cases, the reaction of the staff involved in traffic management and safety, as well as traction vehicle teams and train drivers, was the correct reaction”. – I think that thanks to the reaction and behavior of our staff, the railway staff, these events ended in a way that did not bring any harm to all rail users – he said.

Skubszyński noted that as a result of Thursday’s events, “neither the travellers, nor the passengers, nor the railway staff suffered even the slightest injury, and no one was injured.” He added that in one case, the driver of a car was seriously injured when it collided with a train at a crossing.

Four events on Polish tracks. The vice-president of PKP PLK discusses

The vice-president of PKP PLK discussed each of Thursday’s events. IN Bialystok – he explained – “a fast train (…) of PKP Intercity was derailed“. – Direct traffic difficulties lasted until 1.25 pm, 51 trains were delayed for almost 1,400 minutes. In this event, the railway commission conducting the investigation will determine what happened, why it happened and where is the cause of this event – he said.

– Next event at 7.08 on the Ustronie Morskie-Mscice lineat a category D level crossing. The driver of a multi-seater bus, at a properly signaled category D level crossing drove under the Polregio train from Gryfice to Koszalin Skubishynski said. – None of the train staff or passengers were injured, but the driver of the car was seriously injured. This event ended at 14.45 and resulted in delays of 79 trains for 1,500 minutes, he noted.

– At 12.10 at the station Skierniewice it came to collision of a PKP Cargo freight train with a Koleje Mazowieckie train from Warszawa Wschodnia to Skierniewice. (…) As in previous cases, no one was injured here either. There were 30 people in the passenger train of Koleje Mazowieckie. Both the on-board staff of Koleje Mazowieckie and the train driver of the PKP Cargo train were not injured, he said.

He emphasized that at the moment, the investigations of the railway accident commission allow us to preliminarily state that “most likely the train driver of Koleje Mazowieckie missed the stop signal (…) and continued driving towards the junction number 13-16 of the Skierniewice station”. – When these trains met on the tracks connecting the two turnouts, the driver of the PKP Cargo train pressed the radio-stop, i.e. a device that is designed to stop all trains in the immediate vicinity, which happened. Nevertheless, the seconds decided that (…) the Cargo train drove into the side of the Koleje Mazowieckie train, there was a collision, the side of the Koleje Mazowieckie train collided, and as a result of the centrifugal force, the PKP Cargo locomotive was derailed and pushed back on the intertrack – he explained.

– At 12.57 at the station Poznan Staroleka it came to derailment of eight wagons of a PKP Cargo freight train. No passengers were hurt here either, because (it was – ed.) a freight train, no bystanders, no staff were hurt. The cause of this derailment is being investigated by the committee. At the moment, we are not able, having a very preliminary inspection of the scene, to say whether the fault is on the side of the carrier, whether the fault is on the side of the manager, or whether the fault is on the side of the railway staff – emphasized Skubszyński. He added that due to the damage to the infrastructure and wagons lying on the tracks, “the restoration of full efficiency of freight traffic through the Poznań Starołęka station will not take place until Tuesday.”

Vice-President of PKP PLK: We do not employ train drivers driving passenger or freight trains

Vice-President Skubszyński was also asked for words Adrian Furgalski, president of the TOR Economic Advisors Teamwho said that “roughly two-thirds of what goes wrong on the railroad is not the fault of the railroad, the so-called railroad system, but of third parties.” – Statistics on age and work history showed that most of them were young people who had been driving trains on their own for two or three years. This year, there have been important changes in the train driver training system – he added.

– We, as Polskie Linie Kolejowe, do not employ train drivers driving passenger trains or freight trains. Yes, in the Polskie Linie Kolejowe group we have employees in the positions of train drivers, but these are the drivers who actually drive handcars, auxiliary vehicles, all machines necessary to maintain and build infrastructure – he explained. I can’t comment on those stats either. You had to ask the railway carriers – he added.

PKP PLK: a team has been appointed to supervise the running of trains

Earlier, Magdalena Janus from the press service of PKP PLK informed about the appointment of a special team after a series of incidents on the railway. – A special team consisting of the infrastructure manager and carriers has been appointed to supervise the efficient and safe movement of trains on the railway network – she informed. – The priority is to ensure safety and restore the scheduled organization of train traffic as soon as possible – she explained.

According to the procedures, the causes of all today’s events on the railway network will be investigated by the railway commissions that work on each of these cases. In Thursday’s accidents, except for the driver who entered the crossing, no one was hurt. According to the services, there was also no threat to the environment.

Main photo source: PAP/Marian Zubrzycki

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