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A shocking report on suicide attempts by children and adolescents. Activists appeal to the government

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According to a report by the GrowSpace Foundation, in 2023, 2,139 suicide attempts by children and adolescents were initially recorded. This number is like a great cry for help – activists emphasize and hope that the new government will improve the situation in psychiatry.

Aleksandra Denys was 15 years old when she experienced hate at school. – For a year I had practically no friends, only one. I started looking for acceptance on the Internet and there I met a man who manipulated me a lot – confesses Aleksandra. However, psychological help arrived in time. – I thought I wouldn’t survive this worst moment, but my parents noticed that there was a huge problem and took me to therapy – says the girl.

However, some young people left without help reach for the worst solutions. – In total, in 2023, preliminary, 2,139 suicide attempts by children and adolescents were recorded – informs Dominik Kuc from the GrowSpace Foundation. This means that on average six young people try to take their own lives every day.

Two years ago, there were slightly fewer suicide attempts. – No one had any doubts that action had to be taken immediately. 12 months have passed and we are publishing the report again – emphasizes Paulina Filipowicz, a psychologist from the GrowSpace Foundation.

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In its report, the Foundation informs that 146 attempts ended tragically. The GrowSpace Foundation asked about the statistics of the Provincial Police Headquarters. The police will publish their official data in February, but how difficult the situation is can be seen every day in hospitals.

– Our ward is overcrowded and in such situations we try to look for places in other inpatient wards throughout Poland, but we operate on the principle of communicating vessels and we know that the situation is similar in other wards – says Dr. Mariusz Kaszubowski, director of the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital. prof. Tadeusz Bilikiewicz in Gdańsk

Violence, exclusion, crisis in child psychiatry. Challenges facing the Ombudsman for ChildrenMagda Łucyan/Fakty TVN

Activists appeal to the government

Improving the situation is undoubtedly a task for the new government. – We are working to have as many educators and psychologists in schools as possible – assures Barbara Nowacka, Minister of Education. – We have three billion zlotys from the budget-related act for child psychiatry and oncology – points out Damian Kuraś from the Ministry of Health.

As we hear, the Minister of Health, Izabela Leszczyna, is consulting with psychiatrists and psychologists on how best to allocate this money. Activists already have a hint for it. They propose creating new places in departments and supporting prevention and psychoeducation. – 70 percent of these crises are crises that can be prevented – emphasizes Dominik Kuc.

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Not only specialists can help. – Each of us can provide emotional first aid – says Lucyna Kicińska, a teacher.

The number of over two thousand suicide attempts is only a fragment of reality, because not all of them will be included in official registers.

If you experience emotional problems or mental difficulties, seek professional psychiatric, psychological or psychotherapeutic help. Here you will find free, professional help for children and adults. In an immediate life-threatening situation, always call 997 or 112.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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