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A sinkhole right next to the school. The teacher’s car crashed inside

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A dangerous incident occurred in Santa Paula, California on Wednesday. The ground collapsed near the school. One of the teachers’ car fell into the hole.

As reported by firefighters from Santa Paula, California, although the sinkhole looked dangerous, no one was hurt by it. Due to the possibility of further phenomena, classes at the school were canceled as a preventive measure. Wednesday lessons were shortened, and after a few hours it was also decided that students would not appear on the premises of the facility also on Thursday. Classes are scheduled to start on Friday afternoon.

“Bizarre and Surreal”

Tasha Wisniewski, an English teacher, said she was on her lunch break when several of her colleagues notified her that her car had gone underground.

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– I could not believe that. It was so bizarre and surreal,” she said.

She added that she was comforted by the fact that no one was around at the time. However, she is a bit broken, because she just bought a car that fell inside. She also mentioned that she would never park there again.

A geologist was sent

The services provided photos and recordings from the place where the pit appeared. It shows a car flipped upside down. The vehicle was pulled out only in the evening.

The services wanted to efficiently determine whether the sinkhole had stopped and would not grow more. A geologist was sent to the site to assess the safety of the area. The road has been temporarily closed.

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