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A Spanish court awarded dog maintenance. All because of the owners' divorce

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This was an unusual decision by a Spanish court. Children and fish are said to have no voice. What about dogs? Well, what happens to a four-legged friend when a couple decides to break up? We know that when a divorce occurs, children usually stay with one parent and the other parent has to pay alimony. As ruled by the District Court No. 6 of Pontevedra, seated in Vigo (Spain), Alimony is due not only to descendants, but also to petswho stays with one of the “parents”.

A divorce hearing took place in a Spanish court the couple argued about the dog. Ultimately, an unprecedented decision was made that the pet, like the two children of a divorcing couple, he will remain with the woman. In turn, the man was ordered to pay alimony.

Spain. He will pay child support and dog support

Father has to pay 75 euros for each child and an additional 40 euros for a dog. As the court justified, these funds are a “contribution to the costs of maintaining the pet.” The money is supposed to reach the woman's account by the fifth day of the month. But that's not all.

In addition to the divorce decree and the determination of child support for the dog, the division of parental responsibilities was also established joint care of children and pets. Moreover, the court found that “extraordinary expenses for children and a pet, will be covered by both parents equally, by prior agreement of the parties.

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Spain. The court ordered alimony for the dog

In Spain, as a result Animal Welfare Act passed in December 2021, which amended the Civil Code, pets such as dogs, cats, birds and turtles are now recognized as “sentient beings”. This legislative change has had significant consequences in divorce cases, facilitating the possibility of joint custody of animals, where the preferred form in this matter is divorce settlement. In case of disagreement it is the court that decides on the custody of the pet.

Previously, before the change in Spanish law, animals were treated as property, which in the event of separation or divorce easily allowed one of the spouses to obtain full custody of the animal. Now a change in law makes it possible formally establishing custody of the petwhich includes the division of responsibilities and costs related to animal care.

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