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A state of emergency at the border, a session of the Sejm. Tomasz Siemoniak comments

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The state of emergency in the border zone and the Sejm session on this matter was one of the topics of “Piasecki’s Conversation” on TVN24. The guest of the program, Tomasz Siemoniak (Civic Coalition), pointed to the lack of dialogue between the government and the opposition on this matter. “It is the privilege and duty of the rulers to call now,” he said.

From 4.30 pm, the Sejm will consider the regulation of President Andrzej Duda on the introduction of a state of emergency in the border zone with Belarus.

How the Civic Coalition will vote in this matter was asked in “Rozmowa Piasecki” by the party’s deputy and former defense minister Tomasz Siemoniak. Have the rulers managed to convince them to support the regulation? – The rulers have a few more hours, but I do not think they will make this effort, they are not talking to the opposition, the National Security Council has not met, no consultations have taken place in any form – he replied.

– At the beginning of the pandemic, Prime Minister Morawiecki invited representatives of the opposition, it was possible to talk normally – he recalled. “Not now,” he said. Siemoniak concluded that in such a situation it is very difficult to talk about support for this regulation.


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According to him, “consent, necessary in matters of security, is not in the hands of the rulers.” – It can be seen, it is clear how they behave, as they say to the opposition – he mentioned, mentioning that the president spoke of the “anti-Polish opposition”. – All this serves to create tension and emotions – he assessed.

When asked if he did not want to call the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Mariusz Kamiński or Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, Siemoniak replied that “there is no such temptation” and there are no telephone numbers for these ministers.

“It is the privilege and duty of the rulers to call now,” he said. – If they’re not calling now, it means they don’t want to. I think that it is very badly perceived by the president (PiS, Jarosław) Kaczyński that someone from the government talks to someone (from the opposition – ed.). They are afraid of it, they do not trust each other – he added.

Siemoniak appealed: – Let’s argue, let’s argue, but let’s talk about the most important issues. He added that “now it is not there”.

>> A state of emergency in part of two voivodeships. It is to be valid for 30 days
>> State of emergency in 183 localities. List

Siemoniak on the presence of Frontex officers at the border

Siemoniak further pointed out that in the matter of introducing a state of emergency “if one reads into the constitution, all means have not been exhausted” to introduce such a state. “Unless we don’t know something,” he added.

– If the government provides any new information that will convince us to do so (to support the regulation – ed.), We will think about it. Please note that the government has not asked the European Union, i.e. Frontex (the European Border and Coast Guard Agency), has not asked NATO, i.e. the team for combating hybrid threats, the government is removing journalists, he said.

When asked if several dozen Frontex officers would play a significant role on the border, Siemoniak replied: – Of course, because the point is to involve the EU in this matter. He also mentioned that Frontex sent its forces to the Lithuanian border. – It’s a political primer, it’s not about resources. The point is to show that this is the external border of the Union – he emphasized.

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“The president acted frivolously”

The KO deputy was also asked about his club colleague Franciszek Sterczewski, who, at the border in Usnarz Górny, tried to break through the cordon of services in order to hand over food to migrants. The cameras then registered pursuit of an MP.

– I did not like it because I believe that the place of the deputy is not in some kind of happening on the border, but it is a micro incident – he replied.

He also drew attention to the president’s behavior when declaring a state of emergency. He recalled that it was Andrzej Duda’s spokesman who announced the decision on the regulation, and that the president himself went to a football match that evening (between the national team of Poland and Albania). He explained that, in his opinion, the president should deliver a speech on this matter. – People are afraid of the slogan “state of emergency”, the elders remember martial law – he noted.

– The president acted frivolously, everyone saw it. It is unheard of that the president did not find five minutes to explain what was happening, he commented. – The president is here to be a leader and explain to people what is happening. This translation is desperately lacking, he assessed.

How would the Civic Coalition react to migrants near the border?

What would the Civic Coalition do in an analogous situation with a group of migrants on the border? – We would not sleep through July and August – Siemoniak replied. – You had to do what the Lithuanians did: they involved the European Union, they started talking to the Iraqis in Baghdad so that the flights and dozens of people from there would be stopped – he explained.

Asked about specific actions towards migrants, Siemoniak said that they are “according to all signs in heaven and earth” on the Belarusian side. – We need to put pressure on Belarus, which is the most lacking – he argued.

Would he put a fence on the border? – We need to protect the borders, talk about a tight border. I have nothing against fences, drones or various devices that secure the border – he said.

When asked about those who asked for asylum, Siemoniak explained that “there are rules for that.” – If refugees report to border checkpoints and ask for asylum in Poland, this is a procedure – he said. – Every situation is different, you just have to apply the law – he replied when Konrad Piasecki, who hosted the program, pointed out that “this procedure is different”.

What about the group of migrants near the border? – I would do anything to help them where they are – replied Siemoniak. – I would cause them to turn to the Polish facility – he suggested. – They are brought by (Alexander) Lukashenka and his servants. I feel so sorry for these people, they are pawns in a disgusting game. But Lukashenka will bring another three hundred (migrants) if we allow this type of breach of procedures, he said.

What would KO do with the group of migrants on the border? Siemoniak: put pressure on BelarusTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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