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A strike at the Paroc plant in Trzemeszno

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A strike is underway at the Paroc plant in Trzemeszno in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Employees demand, inter alia, internship allowance and guarantee of employment contracts for an indefinite period. The strike is to last until further notice.

The Paroc Group is an international producer of stone wool insulation. The plant in Trzemeszno is one of the largest employers in the region, employing a total of 780 people, indicated the Polish Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ).

“The company itself is successful and has suffered a dry pandemic: it boasts of record profits and continuous employment growth. (…) Nevertheless, employees complain that the profit they make is not their share. Salaries stand still, and many employees are held on temporary contracts, without a guarantee of permanent employment “, the OPZZ press office informed.


A strike at the Paroc plant

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As recalled, at the end of June, trade unionists associated in the Confederation of Labor belonging to OPZZ decided on a warning strike. Employees demand, inter alia, better pay conditions, as well as guarantees of employment contracts for an indefinite period. The OPZZ noted that the employees’ demands were still unfulfilled.

Photo from the warning strikeConfederation of Labor Trzemeszno

Therefore, as it was added, a strike referendum was held at the end of July. “Over 60 percent of the staff voted, of which the overwhelming majority – over 97 percent – voted for a general strike” – reads the press release. The strike began on Wednesday at 21.

As informed by the OPZZ, the strike is to last until further notice.

Paroc employee: general strike is a fact

“We have stopped the workplace. The furnaces are shut down, the production has stopped. The crew refused to work as a whole because our demands are not met. The company can afford to pay people worthy apprenticeship allowances. The company can afford to valorize our salaries with dignity. The company does not. can employ people in semi-junk fixed-term contracts “- the OPZZ Trade Union, Confederation of Work in Paroc Trzemeszno, informed in a post on Facebook.

“We proposed various compromise solutions, but if the employer is far from a rational compromise, he has a strike. And there is a strike. Paroc Polska is standing !!!” – added.

One of the workers involved in the strike reported on social media that work at the plant had stopped. “We stopped working Paroc Polska. The general strike is a fact. The entire crew joined it. The furnaces are not working, the commissioning is not taking place. There is no production. Every day, 200 trucks with mineral wool leave the company. Not 2 trucks and not 20. 200 trucks are leaving this time. they will not leave “- he wrote.

An employee of the company informed in the entry that “almost every fifth, out of 800 employees of Paroc Polska, works on a junk contract, because of a fixed-term employment contract. The internship bonus after 40 years of work amounts to PLN 160 gross”. “For monthly wages to be really decent, you have to work overtime, otherwise there are no coconuts. So 40 hours a week is a joke,” he said.

Main photo source: Confederation of Labor Trzemeszno

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