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A summit in the shadow of a scandal? “The United Arab Emirates has not denied using the COP28 meetings for business talks

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To find a solution to the climate crisis, events such as COP28 are organized. The conference is considered the most important of its kind in the world. This time it will take place in Dubai. However, it is headed by a man who is also the head of a local fuel company. The BBC also obtained documents showing that the hosts planned to sign lucrative fuel sales contracts during the event.

Storms that destroy entire cities. Water that people have to run away from to save their lives. Heat, drought and huge fires wreaking havoc. All this and much more has happened in the past 11 months alone. And the future doesn’t look any better. – 2023 was a record warm year. It beat the warmest year so far by 0.1 degrees Celsius. The previous record was set in 2016, says Samantha Burgess, deputy head of the European Copernicus Program.

The phenomena in question are the result of human activity. This includes the consumption of fossil fuels, which releases huge amounts of greenhouse gases. Moving away from non-renewable energy sources is one of the most important points that must be met to stop the ongoing catastrophe. – The shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources is happening, but we are decades behind. We must make up for lost time and escape the greed of the deeply entrenched interests of companies earning billions from fossil fuels, warns António Guterres, UN Secretary-General.

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Climate summits are an opportunity to look for solutions and make specific decisions. But the one that is just starting – COP28 – is organized in the United Arab Emirates – a country rich in oil and gas. The summit is chaired by the CEO of the national oil giant, a company that produces nearly four million barrels of oil a day. “We need to gradually reduce carbon emissions from all sectors, including transport, agriculture, heavy industry and, of course, fossil fuels, while investing in zero-emission technologies,” said Sultan Al-Jaber, president of Abu Dhabi’s national oil company.

Oxfam has published a report on the impact of the richest on the climateSzymon Kazimierczak/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

Private interests

Activists have been saying for months that it is not the best idea to host the climate summit by a person who represents interests that differ from climate protection. Now the BBC is publishing a shocking documentary. According to him, the United Arab Emirates wants to use its role as COP28 host to conclude oil and gas agreements behind the scenes. In other words, it will be a business opportunity for the Arabs. “Leaked documents reveal plans to discuss fossil fuel deals with 15 countries. The United Arab Emirates did not deny using COP28 meetings for business talks, stating that ‘private meetings are private’,” reads an excerpt from the BBC article.

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Sultan Al-Jaber – according to representatives of the national authorities – simply knows the subject of energy inside out, which is why he was appointed as the chairman of the meeting. – Sultan Sultan Al-Jaber knows these topics. He was our special climate envoy twice. He knows how to work with this community to achieve the intended goals, emphasizes Majid Al Suwaidi, Director General of COP28. However, his assurances about his intentions, especially in the light of the results of the BBC’s reporting investigation, raise numerous doubts. – As we prepare to host COP28 in November, I ask myself ‘can the world come together to meet the urgent need of this moment, can the world halve emissions over the next seven years?’ My answer is yes. I believe in strength, adds Sultan Al Jaber.

The summit will start on November 30 in Dubai and will last until December 2. Representatives of 198 countries around the world will appear there, but the most important ones will not be present. It is already known that US President Joe Biden will not come to the summit. America will be represented by John Kerry – the country’s climate advisor. Poland – President Andrzej Duda. Xi Jinping will also be absent from the conference. Pope Francis also resigned from the trip due to his health condition. The head of the Catholic Church was asked by doctors to stay in the Vatican due to a cold.

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