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A swarm of deer walked at the foot of the Owl Mountains. “Pure beauty of nature”

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Capturing such a large herd of deer is a real success. One of Reporters 24 gave us a video showing a huge herd of these majestic animals. As the State Forests write, the first spring months are a special time for deer, as they shed their antlers.

At Kontakt 24 we received an unusual recording. The author with the nickname “tvsudecka” showed a large herd of deer. The animals were walking peacefully in the field at the foot of the Owl Mountains, in between Bielawa and Pieszyce. (Lower Silesia Province). From time to time they turned their heads towards the camera. After a few minutes, they ran away in a direction known only to each other.

“The pure beauty of nature” – added the author of the recording.

Time for drops

The first spring months are the time when you can come across deer antlers while walking in the forest. The shedding period depends on the age of the bull. The older the deer, the faster she sheds them. Thus, it also starts growing the next one faster. In one day, a deer can grow 1.5 centimeters of antlers.

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Experts from the State Forests remind and warn that chasing, scaring and other forms of harassing deer so that they shed their antlers under stress is reprehensible and against the law. They should not be disturbed, because nature is governed by its own laws and there is a time for everything.

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Main photo source: Contact 24

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