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A terrible tragedy of one man. Mr. Radosław lost his wife, little daughter, house and workshop in the fire

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Mr. Radosław from the village of Tczewskie Łąki lost his family, house, workshop and several vehicles that he repaired in the fire. The losses are gigantic. Relatives and friends have started a collection – everyone can help.

The collection for Mr. Radosław is being conducted on the Pomocam.pl platform

– There was nothing I could do. (…) Family, apartment and workplace. In one moment I lost everything – says Radosław Holz. The feeling of helplessness is all he has left. Mr. Radosław's life is in ruins today – literally and figuratively.

Mr. Radosław's world collapsed a week ago – because of a fire. The fire broke out in the car and motorcycle workshop he ran on the ground floor, and within a few minutes the flames reached the apartment on the first floor, where he was with his wife and daughter. The man got out through the roof window and wanted to evacuate the girl and her mother this way.

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– I shout to this window, leaning over it: give her to me, give her to me. And there was silence – recalls Radosław Holz. 34-year-old Małgorzata and 6-year-old Amelia died in the fire. The fire also destroyed an apartment, a workshop, several motorcycles and several cars in the service center. The property was not insured.

– Reconstruction of the workshop, workplace and the fact that he has his own place somewhere, I think that's the most important thing – says Tomasz Cholc, the organizer of help for Mr. Radosław.

Local residents moved by the tragedy

The inhabitants of the village of Tczewskie Łąki, where the tragedy occurred, came to help. Tczew and the entire Kociewie region contribute.

Instead of flowers, at the funeral of his wife and daughter, people donated a penny to rebuild Mr. Radosław's life. The priest handed over the tray collected during mass.

My friend is remembered by those whom he saved many times when they got stuck on the road. – If any of the motorcyclists, or their families, needs help, we are always ready to provide it – notes Michał Wołoszyk from the “Moto-Kociewie-STG” Motorcycle Association.

A new workshop, expensive tools, a makeshift roof over your head – the sum is dizzying. However, the first days of the collection give hope.

– What you all are doing, the help we are providing, is actually building a new big family for Radek – says Jacek Cholc, Radosław Holz's brother-in-law and the organizer of the help.

“To turn back time, I have no other dreams”

All this still does not dawn on Mr. Radosław. He is just discovering what the word solidarity means. – Each of these candles, each toy, is a signal from people that they are here – says Radosław Holz. – The gratitude of these people. It seems to me that this goodness is coming back – comments Józef Holz, father of Radosław Holz.

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Mr. Radosław knows that to live he has to get up. – Customers' motorcycles were burned. There are a whole lot of liabilities left that I have to settle. And there are a whole lot of reasons why I just have to do it, says Radosław Holz.

In the fire, he lost all heirlooms of his wife and daughter. Albums, photos in a burnt phone. All that was left was a melted piece of gold that had once been a wedding ring.

– To turn back time, I have no other dreams – says Radosław Holz.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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