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A tire blew on the trailer, they couldn’t change the wheel themselves. They noticed them and helped

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They were returning from Masuria, a tire burst in the trailer, the driver barely managed to get off the side road so as not to obstruct the traffic. An older couple, however, could not cope with the replacement of the wheel. The policemen helped them, and the command received thanks.

A married couple, aged 74 and 72, who were returning from Masuria, had a tire burst in their caravan. The driver managed to pull off to a side forest road so as not to pose a threat. He and his wife tried to change the wheel, but it was difficult. They were noticed by the policemen from the police station in Kadzidło: junior asp. Dominik Obrębski and Sgt. Art. Hubert Bochomulski.

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He needed help

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– They asked the driver what had happened and whether he needed help, and in response they heard that he was unable to change the wheel on the trailer. So they helped lift the trailer and replace the damaged wheel. They would probably forget about the whole situation quickly if it wasn’t for the e-mail with thanks sent to the address of the city commander, commissar Tomasz Żerański from the Ostrołęka police said in the communiqué. – We are glad that the human instinct to help, which is strongly inscribed in the profession of a police officer, is appreciated by others. Thank you for your kind words, he added.

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“It’s good that you are”

Yesterday, July 29, we were returning from Masuria. Our left tire on the trailer blew. We rolled into a forest road opposite the entrance to Wykrot, because it was not possible to change the wheel on the road (narrow shoulder, heavy traffic). Policemen on duty came to us to check what happened, that we were standing on a forest road. They gave us help (practical and physical) in changing the wheel – I would not be able to help my husband (I am 72 years old, husband 74). They were Sgt. Art. Hubert Bochomulski and young asp. Dominik Obrębski from the police station in Kadzidło. Once again, thank you very much … it’s good that you’re here … Greetings – … … from Ostrołęka”

A thank you email for your help Police

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