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A tragic accident in Texas. A three-year-old fatally shot her older sister

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A three-year-old girl fatally shot her one year older sister. A firearms accident occurred in Texas while meeting family friends. The police are investigating the matter.

“A three-year-old girl fatally shot her four-year-old sister,” said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Texas. “It appears that her action was unintentional,” he added. The sheriff said the incident happened during a family reunion with five adults and two children. He spoke of a “tragic” but “very preventable” incident.

The children ended up in the bedroom without adult supervision. The three-year-old grabbed a loaded semi-automatic pistol, Gonzalez said. When family members heard the shot, they ran to the room where they found the four-year-old lying on the floor unconscious.

“This is another tragic story of a child who gained access to a firearm and hurt someone,” the sheriff added. He admitted that the case is under investigation and charges related to unsecured weapons are likely to be filed.

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Gun accidents are the leading cause of child death in the US

CNN, citing data from Everytown Research and Policy, noted that between 2015 and 2020 there were at least 2,070 unintentional shootings involving children under the age of 18, resulting in 765 deaths and 1,366 injuries. According to the nonprofit, in about 39 percent of cases, the person who pulls the trigger is a child 9 years and younger.

The New England Journal of Medicine reported in 2022 that gun-related injuries have recently surpassed car accidents and become the leading cause of death among people under 19 years of age.

“In no other similarly large or wealthy country is gun death among the top four causes of death,” a 2022 Kaiser Family Foundation study found.

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