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A truck rammed a bus and cars in Olsztyn. At least 12 people in hospital, 26 injured

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A very serious accident occurred in Olsztyn. A drunk truck driver rammed several passenger cars, then hit a bus and a bus shelter. At least 12 people were taken to hospitals, and a total of 26 people were injured. The condition of several of them is serious.

The accident occurred after 7 p.m. on ul. Baltic. The truck transporting gravel (it was empty) first rammed passenger cars standing at the traffic lights. As a result of the impact, one of the passenger cars rolled over. Then the truck hit the back of a city bus that was standing at the bus stop. There were 16 people on the bus. The truck also damaged a bus shelter and hung on a slope approximately 4-5 meters high.

According to service workers, the passengers of the city bus were the most seriously injured. They were transported to four hospitals with multi-organ injuries. The people involved in the accident also suffered facial injuries. The injured include minors who were taken to a children's hospital.

In an interview with tvn24.pl, the spokesman of the Warmian-Masurian Guard, Grzegorz Różański, said that a total of 26 people were injured in the incident. 12 were taken to hospital, including the truck driver who – as everything indicates – caused the accident. – During the initial triage, the condition of five people was determined to be life-threatening. All people were conscious when the emergency services arrived, the firefighter added.

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According to the Olsztyn police press officer, Jacek Wilczewski, who spoke to TVN24, 13 people – including the truck driver – were taken to hospitals, and the condition of three of them was “more serious”.

The 42-year-old truck driver was drunk, he had over two per mille of alcohol in his exhaled air – he added. He explained to people around him that his brakes were jammed. He was not seriously injured.

According to witnesses, the truck drove from curb to curb for several dozen meters, and at one point it was going against the flow. Wilczewski said that an ITS system was installed at the accident site, which, among other things, monitors the streets. The policeman assured that if there was no failure of this system during the accident, the moment of the accident was certainly recorded.

A policeman about an accident in Olsztyn: the truck driver was under the influence of alcoholTVN24

For now, it is not known how this accident will be classified legally. This will be decided by the prosecutor who will receive materials from the scene of the incident.

48 firefighters in 12 vehicles, ambulance crews and police officers participated in the operation after the accident. After the collision, the street was closed late in the evening. Bałtycka from the intersection with ul. Jeziorna to the entrance to Likusy.

Firefighters secured the streets after damaged cars leaked, among others, fuel.

The police predicted difficulties at least until late at night.

Street Bałtycka in OlsztynGoogle Maps

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Main photo source: State Fire Service in Olsztyn

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