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A unique march to help Olink. “We need funds for rehabilitation”

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When Mr. Jan started his expedition over two weeks ago, he had over 500 kilometers to go. About 150 kilometers left. Grandfather follows the Main Beskid Trail to raise money for Aleksander – a disabled granddaughter. He helps and supports who can, because together you can do more.

Jan has already walked 350 kilometers of the Main Beskid Trail. It’s been on the road for three weeks now. – Foot pain is the worst. In the morning, I basically have the impression that I am unable to go out because they hurt so much – says Jan Baranik. Mr. Jan will endure everything, because he is going for Aleksander’s seven-year-old grandson, i.e. Olinka. This is their first long separation. The grandfather, beating the route, encourages the collection of money, for which he will buy the boy a pass to a more efficient everyday life: a wheelchair and a year of rehabilitation. – If we manage to bring Olinka to such a state that he is able to walk on crutches, we will still go together – assures Mr. Jan.

“They would have jumped into the fire behind them. Olek simply screams with joy when he sees his grandfather – says Agnieszka Jóźwicka, Olinka’s mother. – We are fooling around, we are going crazy, that is we are doing a spin – adds Olinek.

Before the boy was born, he underwent seven surgeries while still in his mother’s womb. He was born prematurely. He suffers from quadriplegia, has serious problems with the urinary system, and is in the process of being diagnosed on the autism spectrum. – We need funds primarily for rehabilitation, for rehabilitation equipment, for medicines, for visits. Every year, we spend about PLN 150,000 on improving Olek, explains his mother.

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A wave of help

When grandfather “moves mountains”, grandmother organizes auctions for Olinka. – I am offering my preserves, pickled cucumbers and juices of various kinds at this auction – explains Magdalena Frankenberg-Baranik. They help near and far.

TVN journalist Dorota Gardias accompanied Grandpa Olinka for several days. He also encourages anyone who can to join Mr. Jan. – If they are somewhere in that area on the route of the Main Beskid Trail, they should also do it. It will definitely be faster, Gardias appeals.

Olinka’s grandfather jokes that he is a trail celebrity. The physiotherapist we met took care of his knee, someone offered iced coffee. – A lot of nights, let’s say, I slept for charity. Due to the fact that I go for this purpose, they do not charge me very often, they give me food – says Mr. Jan.

Although outside the trail Mr. Jan is a tax advisor, he cannot estimate the value of this kindness. It is she who gives strength to go and collect zloty for zloty.

You can make a contribution to the collection for Olinka by making a payment on the website Pomocm.pl

You can follow Grandpa’s route 24 hours a day.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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