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A very expensive chain has disappeared. The police are looking for these men

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Two young men are suspected of misappropriating a gold chain. The case is being handled by police officers from Leszno. According to their findings, the jewelry is worth over PLN 40,000. This means that perpetrators will be held accountable for a crime, not a misdemeanor.

Police officers from Leszno published the image of two men. According to the officers' findings, they may be responsible for the misappropriation of jewelry. Specifically, it is a men's heavy gold chain. According to estimates, its value is over PLN 40,000.

The value of the chain is over PLN 40,000 KMP Leszno

The incident allegedly took place in the morning of May 3 on Dominicka Street in Boszkowo (Greater Poland Voivodeship). – We have secured monitoring and the exact circumstances of the incident are being determined. All people who recognize the men from the photos are asked to contact Leszno police officers, says Monika Żymełka, spokeswoman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Leszno.

If you have information that may help the police catch the wanted men, please contact the criminal department via the secretariat (47 77 31 260) between: 7.30–15.30. or 24/7 with the officer on duty at 47 77 31 655.

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Police officers from Leszno published the image of several men KMP Leszno

Crime or misdemeanor?

Stopping someone else's property is misappropriation, which, depending on the value of the found item, may be a misdemeanor or a crime. Anyone who finds someone else's property has 14 days to report this fact to the lost and found office or inform the police.

If he fails to do so, he is subject to regulations. In the case of an item whose value does not exceed PLN 800, we will be liable for an offense under Article 119 of the Petty Offenses Code, for which we may be subject to a penalty notice, fine, arrest or restriction of liberty. If the value is higher than PLN 800, we will be liable for an act under Article 284, paragraph 3 of the Penal Code, i.e. a crime.

Main photo source: KMP Leszno

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