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A war refugee from Ukraine bought a scratch card in Belgium for 5 euros, won 500,000

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A Ukrainian refugee won €500,000 in Belgium after buying a scratch card for a few euros. As the lottery spokeswoman said, the lucky man – who is known little more than that he is a young man – first wants to thank those who helped him settle in Brussels, and then intends to support his compatriots in the war-torn country.

The Belgian state lottery reported that a man with Ukraine bought a five euro scratch card last month at a petrol station. The winner, whose identity – as with the other lucky winners – will remain anonymous, is between 18 and 24 years old and has been living in Brussels for twelve months.


– Has mixed feelings (about winning). It’s a difficult time to be content with all that’s going on in his homeland,” said Joke Vermoere, a spokeswoman for the lottery, referring to the devastating invasion Russia to Ukraine.

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What will the lucky winner do with the winnings?

Vermoere said that the winner wants to throw a party first to thank everyone who helped him integrate in the new country, and then he would like to do something for his compatriots and rebuild Ukraine. She also said that although the man is happy in Belgium and found a job there, he would like to return to Ukraine as soon as the war is over.

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