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A wave of African heat will flood Europe Heat. Spain, Germany, Croatia. In Spain, even 45 degrees Celsius is possible

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Hot air from Africa will flood the countries of the Mediterranean basin. According to the forecast, the temperature in Spain may reach as high as 45 degrees Celsius. It will also get hot in our neighbors. The German weather service issued a heat warning on Friday.

In the coming days, a wave of African heat will hit the countries of the Mediterranean basin again, as a result of which the maximum temperature in Spain will exceed 40 degrees Celsius, Damian Zdonek, forecaster at tvnmeteo.pl, informed. In places in Italy or southern France, it can come close to this value.

Heatwave in Germany

The heatwave is expected to hit Germany on Friday. According to the forecasts, thermometers will show above 30 degrees C throughout the weekend in our neighbors. In some regions of the country, they may even show 40 degrees C.

Meteorologists warn that next Sunday could be the hottest day of the year, reported the Merkur portal. He recalled that just a few days ago, the Poly flood passed through the northern regions of Germany, which brought violent storms. The element caused the death of two people.

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The weather service issued a heat warning for the west and south-west of Germany on Friday. Saturday will be even warmer – thermometers will show 34-36 degrees Celsius in places. Sunday can bring much more heat. The temperature can reach up to 40 degrees. According to experts from wetter.de, it may be the hottest day of the year so far. On Saturday and Sunday, the heat may be accompanied by thunderstorms, which in turn will be accompanied by gusts of wind, heavy rains and hail. It will cool down on Monday (July 10). On this day in the north of the country the temperature will drop to 23-26 degrees thanks to showers and thunderstorms.

Tropical nights, possible 45 degrees. Spain in the clutches of heat

From Sunday and the beginning of next week, the temperature in Spain is expected to rise locally to 45 degrees Celsius. During the tropical nights that are forecast for this country, thermometers will not show lower than 25 degrees C. According to the state meteorological agency Aemet, masses of very warm and dry air flow from northern Africa, especially from Algeria, into the Mediterranean. “We will almost certainly face a long heatwave in Spain,” meteorologist Jose Miguel Vinas wrote on Twitter. “It is highly likely that temperatures will rise to 45 degrees Celsius in the next few days” – he added.

It’s hot in SpainPAP/EPA/Carlos Barba

According to forecasters, it is currently impossible to predict the end of the episode of very high temperatures, although a slight decrease is likely to start only towards the end of next week. Despite heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, Spain is experiencing a meteorological drought. This means that precipitation falls below the long-term average.

Hot in Croatia

The State Meteorological Office of Croatia warned on Thursday of an approaching heatwave that will reach the Croatian Adriatic coast early next week, the daily newspaper Jutarnji list reported.

In most of the country, high temperatures will start to be felt early next week, peaking on Wednesday. In Dalmatia, the greatest heat will last for a week. “Such high temperatures can endanger the health of vulnerable people, such as children, the sick, the elderly and people working outdoors,” warned Croatian meteorologists. The DHMZ called for caution and, if leaving home, to take proper care of body protection and to drink plenty of water. The appeal was addressed especially to people who came to Croatia from other – less used to high temperatures – parts of Europe and the world.

Heatwave in Croatia Reuters

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Carlos Barba

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