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A year after the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgment tightening the abortion law. Klementyna Suchanow, one of the leaders of the Women’s Strike, on protest and collecting signatures under the act legalizing abortion

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Klementyna Suchanow, one of the leaders of the Polish National Women’s Strike, explained in “Faktach po Faktach” that Friday’s protests on the anniversary of the Constitutional Tribunal’s verdict tightening abortion law in Poland are connected with collecting signatures for a bill legalizing abortion. – We continue to operate, this abortion will be legalized one day – she said.

On Friday, a year has passed since the Constitutional Tribunal issued a judgment tightening abortion law in Poland. It sparked a nationwide wave of protests. On the anniversary of this decision, demonstrations are held again in many Polish cities.

Sukhanov said in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 that “today’s demonstrations are convened together with the collection of signatures for a new project to legalize abortion”. “This is what we plan to do by the end of December,” she said, drafting her movement’s action plans.


At the Dmowskiego roundabout, signatures are being collected for the draft law on legal abortionMateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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Women’s Strike Leader: Abortion Will Be Legalized Someday. We are working on it, just like the Argentines for 15 years

Sukhanov decided that continuing such protests as a year ago “does not make sense”. – Already when winter was ending, we saw that it could only lead to bloodshed – she argued.

She pointed out that “besides, it was cold, people were starting to fear what was going on in the streets”. – Some things are not skipped. We didn’t skip it then, but that doesn’t mean the world is over. We continue to operate, this abortion will be legalized one day, assessed the OSK leader.

“We’ve been working on it, just like the Argentines did for 15 years. They did it,” she added.

Suchanov on the bill: abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy without giving any reason

Sukhanov said that at this point the Women’s Strike did not know how many signatures it had collected for the project. – You don’t know it until the end of the fundraising event, it will be at the end of December – she informed.

As she said, “this is a Lewica project (created – ed.) Together with various women’s and feminist organizations”. – This is a coalition of various movements and parties for legal abortion – explained the OSK leader.

She added that “the project assumes legalizing abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy, you do not need to provide a reason”. – And after the 12th week in the case of rape and fetal defects, it will also be possible to obtain such surgery – she noted. She added that in the project “there is no conscience clause”.

“Abortions have not gone away. On the contrary.” Sukhanov gives the data

Guest of TVN24 assessed that the situation of Polish women after last year’s judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal “has changed for the worse”.

– Yesterday, the abortion dream team, which deals with helping Polish women in abortion procedures abroad, counted up all the phone calls and e-mails – the help that was provided. It turned out that the grassroots movement of the organizing female citizens provided this operation to 34,000 Polish women, Suchanow said.

She stressed that “abortions have not disappeared”. – On the contrary, there are more of them at the moment and it is mostly private individuals – she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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