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A1 Gdańsk – Toruń. The A1 motorway is free for passenger cars – Gdańsk Transport Company explains

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The A1 motorway on the Gdańsk – Toruń section is free from Monday for passenger cars up to 3.5 tons and motorcycles. This is the A1 Rusocin – Nowa Wieś section, approximately 152 kilometers long. The fee exemption was introduced on Monday from 12 noon – informed the concessionaire, Gdańsk Transport Company. As announced, the changes are to be in force until the end of 2023.

The A1 motorway on the Gdańsk – Toruń section has so far been free for passenger cars up to 3.5 tons and motorcycles on holiday weekends. Fees were not collected on subsequent weekends in July and August from 12:00 on Fridays to 12:00 on Mondays, as well as on the first weekend of September. The government estimated the cost of such a solution at a maximum of PLN 50 million.

Now the fee exemptions have been extended, but not only on weekends.

A1 Gdańsk – Toruń free of charge

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“In accordance with the instructions received from the Ministry of Infrastructure, from September 4, 2023, from 12:00 to December 31, 2023, at 23:59, all category 1 and 1A vehicles are exempt from tolls for traveling on the AmberOne A1 Motorway,” she informed Gdańsk Transport Company announced on Monday.

The concessionaire noted that “exemption from fees does not mean open gates.” “When approaching the entry gates, you must collect a ticket, and when exiting the motorway, the ticket must be handed over to the collector who will open the barrier,” the company explained.

According to the announcement, users registered in the AmberGO system move at the gates unchanged. This means that they do not have to collect a ticket when entering the motorway or stop at toll gates when leaving the motorway.

“Toll rates for category 2-5 vehicles remain unchanged,” it was added.

Gdańsk Transport Company has a concession to finance, design, build and operate the A1 section until 2039.

Prime Minister Morawiecki about the free A1 motorway

The Prime Minister announced the exemption from tolls on the A1 section between Gdańsk and Toruń on Sunday on X (formerly Twitter). Mateusz Morawiecki. – (…), as we announced, the A1 motorway is free from the beginning of September. Have a nice journey! – said the Prime Minister in the recording.

However, the head of government did not inform that the exemption would be valid until the end of this year. As stated in the concessionaire’s announcement.

The promise of free highways

Law and Justice announced free highways for passenger cars and motorcycles. From July 1 this year drivers do not pay tolls on sections managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. These are the sections: A2 Konin – Stryków (approximately 99 km) and A4 Wrocław – Sośnica (approximately 162 km).

Ultimately – apart from A1 Rusocin – Nowa Wieś – two other concession sections are to be free of charge: A2 Konin – Świecko (approximately 255 km, of which a section of the Poznań bypass with a length of approximately 17 km is free) and A4 Katowice – Kraków (approximately 60 km) , for which tolls are collected by the concessionaires managing the motorway. Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk during a press conference in mid-May this year. he expressed hope that “it will happen within a year.”

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