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Monday, September 20, 2021

A1 motorway in Nowa Wieś near Toruń – Gdańsk Transport Company has announced the construction of additional gates

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On the A1 motorway in Nowa Wieś near Toruń, reconstruction of the toll collection point (PPO) has begun. Two additional exit gates are to increase capacity, said Anna Kordecka, spokeswoman for Gdańsk Transport Company.

GTC is the concessionaire of the northern section of the A1 from Rusocin near Gdańsk to Nowa Wieś near Toruń, 152 km long, which is a toll section of the route. In periods of increased traffic in Nowa Wieś, congestion appears in front of the entry gates towards Gdańsk and the exit gates towards Łódź.


More gates on the A1 motorway in Nowa Wieś

According to a spokeswoman, construction work is already underway. She added that the company hopes that the new gates built at the toll plaza will be operational at the beginning of 2022. – The works will be carried out in such a way that they are not burdensome for drivers, but the necessity to temporarily close individual gates cannot be ruled out – Kordecka stressed.

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Currently, there are four entry lanes and eight exit lanes in Nowa Wieś. The new exit gates will increase the number of gates to 10, which will make the capacity of the Nowa Wieś toll plaza at the exit equal to the capacity of the square in Rusocin.

More goals on A1 are expected to reduce congestion

– PPO Rusocin, thanks to the growing interest in automatic payments, AmberGo only occasionally struggles with problems resulting from the emerging congestion. The current PPO Rusocin with automatic AmberGo payments is able to handle up to 2,000 vehicles per hour – emphasized the GTC spokeswoman.

The extension of PPO Nowa Wieś will also affect the more effective use of the two existing so-called reversible gates, thanks to which it will be possible to use five or even six lanes instead of four. This will translate into an increase in the throughput of entry gates from 1.2 thousand. up to 1.8k vehicles per hour and reduction of congestion at the entrance to the motorway during peak periods.

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