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A2 motorway. The voivode issued a building permit for the last section in Mazovia

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The Mazowieckie Voivode issued a permit for the construction of the last section of the A2 Warsaw-Kukuryki motorway in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the voivode’s press team announced on Thursday. It is a 12.5 km route between Siedlce and Biała Podlaska.

As part of the investment, a motorway roadway with a length of 12.5 kilometers will be built, sections of existing roads will be reconstructed, additional roadways, lighting and exits will be built. Local and transversal roads will also be reconstructed and additional roadways will be built to enable connection with the existing road network.

The works will be carried out in the Łosicki poviat in the Huszlew commune (Mazowieckie Voivodeship) and in the Biała Podlaskie poviat in the Międzyrzec Podlaski and Biała Podlaska communes (Lubelskie Voivodeship).

“This is a key investment”

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Mazowieckie Voivode Tobiasz Bocheński emphasized that this is one of the most important road investments not only for the region, but above all for the country, and its implementation will significantly improve communication between eastern and western voivodships, and above all, improve the safety of people traveling around Poland.

– This investment is key to reducing socio-economic differences between Polish regions and will allow us to maintain sustainable economic development in our country. This corridor connecting the east wall with the west wall was awaited by everyone. I am all the more glad that I could sign this decision, which ends the administrative process for such an important investment – noted Tobiasz Bocheński.

The last in Mazovia

This is the last ZRID (road investment permit) for the A2 Warsaw-Kukuryki motorway in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

In 2021, the Mazowieckie Voivode approved the construction project and issued permits for the implementation of the road investment on the section from the Ryczołek junction (without the junction) to the Groszki junction (with the junction) and between the Gręzów and Swoboda junctions.

In 2022, it issued the ZRID on the section Ryczołek junction (end of the Mińsk Mazowiecki bypass) – Siedlce, section IV from the Groszki junction (no junction) to the Gręzów junction (no junction). This year, decisions have already been issued for the section of the Siedlec bypass – Cicibór junction (with the junction), section VI of the road with the Borki junction and section VII of the road with the Łukowisko junction.

A2 Kałuszyn – Groszki. MapTVN24


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