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A2 Warsaw – Łódź – additional traffic lane. 8 companies want to carry out the expansion project

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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) has opened tenders for the documentation necessary to extend the A2 motorway between Łódź and Warsaw by an additional traffic lane. Eight companies applied. The cheapest offer is PLN 22.8 million, and the most expensive PLN 58.4 million.

“This means that seven offers are within the amount allocated by us for the task, and one exceeds it. The offers will now be examined and in the second half of the year we should get to know the contractor” – she wrote in the release GDDKiA.

Additional traffic lane on the A2 motorway

– Europrojekt Gdańsk SA – PLN 22,839,224.25; – DATABAUT Sp. z o. o. – PLN 25,473,300.00; – Transprojekt Gdański Sp. z o. o. – PLN 25,768,500.00; – Mosty Gdańsk Sp. z o. o. – PLN 28,278,130.50; – IVIA SA – PLN 33,898,800.00; – Dar Al.- Handasah Consultants – PLN 38,724,867.36; – Bridges Katowice – PLN 45,936,502.50; – Trakt Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. – PLN 58,421,986.50.

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Extension of A2 between Warsaw and Łódź

“The investment is necessary due to the constant increase in traffic and the expected even greater traffic related to commuting to the Central Communication Port. Data from the last General Traffic Measurement showed that between the Łódź Północ and Skierniewice junctions, on average, about 50-53 thousand vehicles pass daily. , and between Pruszków and Konotopa nodes over 93,000. – explained the Directorate.

Expansion of A2 with an additional lanegddkia.gov.pl

She added that “preparations have already started” and “elements of the program concept for extending the A2 motorway with an additional traffic lane for about 89 kilometers have already been developed for both the Łódź and Mazowieckie voivodeships.” However, “between the Łódź Północ and Pruszków junctions, the motorway will have three traffic lanes, and further to the Konotopa junction – four traffic lanes on each roadway”.

GDDKiA indicated that “the project will be implemented in the traditional system, first we will prepare the project, and then we will announce a tender for construction”. “The extension will be carried out while maintaining traffic on the motorway. It will result not only in an additional traffic lane, but also, among others, modernization of lighting with the use of renewable energy sources” – it was written in the communiqué.

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