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A4 highway. Photo shoot in the snow on the side of the highway. Police: recklessness, stupidity

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They parked on the roadside, left the door open and did a winter photo shoot – all on the A4 motorway. A photo showing the behavior of the photographing man and his model – right next to the icy road – was published on social media. “It could have ended tragically,” police said.

A dangerous situation occurred on the A4 motorway. A couple traveling in a passenger car stopped at the roadside, got out of the vehicle and, as if on a trip, did a photo shoot in the snow. In the photo published by the portal 112malopolska.pl, you can see a woman with her arms outstretched – most likely not even realizing how much of a threat – together with the man accompanying her – she created.

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During the snow session, the door was blocking the freeway lane

In the photo you can see that a passenger car standing on the side of the highway has its door open – also the one from the side of the roadway. While the couple was taking photos, the right lane of the highway was partially blocked by an open door.

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“It is very dangerous and can end tragically. Accidents have happened many times, in which, for example, people who wanted to replace a wheel in a car died” – we read on the 112malopolska.pl profile.

Police: recklessness, stupidity

Police officers have no doubt that such behavior of the couple on the highway is “reckless and stupid”. It could have ended tragically, putting themselves and others in great danger. There have already been cases where someone, leaving the car on the highway, was hit directly under the wheels of the oncoming car – said tvn24.pl Joanna Biel-Radwańska from the Traffic Department of the Lesser Poland Police.

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He emphasizes that based on the photo alone it is difficult to assess what consequences could befall people who behaved in this way on the motorway. What is certain is that the rules have been broken. – The intervening police officer could classify this event as either stopping in a prohibited place or even creating a threat to land traffic – informs Biel-Radwańska.

It is forbidden to stop or park a vehicle on a motorway or expressway in a place other than designated for this purpose. If the immobilization of the vehicle occurred for technical reasons, the driver is obliged to remove the vehicle from the road and warn other road users.

Stopping and parking on the highway. What mandate?

For unjustified stopping on the motorway, there is a fine of PLN 300. On the other hand, creating a threat in land traffic is subject to an increase in this amount by PLN 1,000. However, if the policeman decides to refer the case to the court, the latter could impose a fine of up to PLN 30,000.

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– Sometimes people think that they will do something stupid and avoid consequences because there is no police car nearby. Meanwhile, more and more recordings from the roads, on which we see dangerous and reckless behavior of drivers, are sent to our e-mail box “Stop Agresji Drogowej” – says Biel-Radwańska. He adds that often recorded drivers breaking the rules are recognized and then punished.

tvn24.pl, malopolska112.pl

Main photo source: 112malopolska.pl

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