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A4 highway. Trzebownisko. The police car stood across the highway, because it secured the passage of the column. The expert comments on the recording

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The driver recorded how the police car stopped across the A4 motorway near Rzeszów and blocked the smooth passage. The representative of the formation explains that it was the protection of a column of trucks that entered the motorway from the S19 expressway, and “the situation was ad hoc and implemented as part of dynamic security”. – There could have been a very serious accident, or even a disaster in land traffic – the expert comments on the behavior of the police.

The incident took place on July 22 on the A4 motorway near the town of Trzebownisko. The profile “Bandit with a camera” published a video that he received from one of the drivers, which shows a police car that stood across the highway (in the right lane) right at the intersection with the S19 expressway. “Wouldn’t someone confuse urban traffic with highway traffic, after all, if there was a fast and furious car going there, it would be a beautiful carom” – commented on the recording that went online.

SOP: We did not conduct activities there

After the video published on social media, there were numerous comments that the traffic was stopped due to the government column going that way. The information was denied by the spokesman for the State Security Services. – We did not carry out our activities there, besides, such police cars do not lead columns. I deny that it was not a government column – told us the press spokesman of the Commander of the State Protection Service, Colonel Bogusław Piórkowski.

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The police car stopped across the roadBandit with a camera

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Police: ad hoc situation and implemented as part of dynamic protection

We asked the spokesman of the Podkarpackie Police Department to refer to the situation. “I would like to inform you that the police officers carried out tasks related to ensuring safe and smooth inclusion of a convoy of trucks into the traffic. The activities were carried out on the basis of the Regulation of the Minister of the Interior and Administration on the circumstances in which emergency vehicles are used in convoys and on the basis of Ordinance No. 1385 of the Police Commander-in-Chief on methods and forms of performing tasks by police officers related to the implementation of police escorts. The situation was ad hoc and implemented as part of security dynamic” – we read in the reply sent to our editorial office by Kom. Piotr Wojtunik, spokesman for the Podkarpacie police.

The police car stopped across the roadBandit with a camera

Expert: There could have been a serious accident

We asked an expert to assess the situation. – I can’t imagine the behavior of police officers who should take care of road safety – comments Andrzej Janicki, former head of the Pabianice traffic police, as well as a former expert in the field of analysis and reconstruction road accidents. – In my opinion, the police brought a really real threat, there could have been a very serious accident or even a disaster in land traffic – he points out.

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He also referred to the police announcement – Regulations do not exempt from common sense – emphasizes the former head of traffic. – Besides, if we are piloting a column, the safety of other road users is to be ensured as a priority. Here it looks as if the column of trucks is the most important, and other road users are not anymore – he confirms.

Main photo source: Bandit with a camera

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