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A4 motorway. Stalexport announced the end date of the preferential rate

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Stalexport decided to abolish the preferential toll rate for traveling on the A4 motorway on the Katowice-Kraków section with category 1 vehicles (other than motorcycles) from January 16, 2024 – the announcement said. The preferential rate from January 1, 2020 was intended to promote the use of automatic payments.

Currently, the preferential fee rate is PLN 13. From January 16, the rate charged at each toll plaza will be PLN 15, regardless of the method of payment, informed Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska, which manages the A4 Katowice-Kraków section.

Changes in rates on A4 from April 3

From April 3, 2023, all vehicle categories have been subject to new rates on this section of the A4. They are at each of the two toll plazas, in Mysłowice and Balice:

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– PLN 15 for category 1 (passenger cars), – PLN 27 for categories 2 and 3, – PLN 46 for categories 4 and 5, – rate for motorcyclists – PLN 7.

The motorway manager then maintained the incentive for passenger cars and rewarded journeys with an application or electronic toll collection. Until January 16, 2024, drivers using these options will pay PLN 13 at each of the two toll collection points, which is PLN 2 less than those using traditional payments.

The motorway management company reported that the partial automation of toll plazas significantly increased their throughput. With the growing interest in this form of paying tolls, the manager of the concession section of the A4 changed the traffic organization at the toll gates, allocating three lanes for drivers using automatic payments, and in situations of heavy traffic even four lanes for each direction of travel in Mysłowice and Balice. Truck drivers who choose automatic methods, like passenger car drivers before, have gained a separate gate.

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