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ABBA. Agnetha Faltskog released a new single “Where Do We Go From Here?”. He announces the next album

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ABBA’s Agnetha Faltskog has released a new single almost a decade since her last album. Thus, the 73-year-old star resumes his solo career and announces that a new album will be released soon. It will feature songs already known to fans, but in a refreshed version.

On Thursday, a new single by the singer of the Swedish band ABBA, Agnetha Faltskog, premiered on BBC Radio 2. A song titled “Where Do We Go From Here?” announces the singer’s new album “A+”, which will be a refreshed version of the songs that appeared on the album “A” from 2013. The previous ones were “stately ballads”, and in the new version they will take on a “pop-style radio vibe”, notes the BBC. The single presented today is the only completely new track from the upcoming album.

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ABBA’s new song

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Just before the release of the single, the 73-year-old artist admitted to BBC Radio 2 journalist Zoe Ball that she had a “good feeling” when creating the song. Referring to the concept of re-recording the album from a decade ago, she emphasized that the idea “appeared suddenly”. “I heard one of the old songs on the radio and thought what would happen if I remixed it and made a new version of the album,” she said. – Not because I don’t like the original, but because it’s been 10 years, so what could be done about it? she added.

For the new version of the album, Faltskog collaborated with producer and songwriter Jörgen Elofsson. – We started listening and I felt it’s amazing what Jörgen can do with my voice (…). It’s like the song has new clothes,” she said. – I love music. Music is in my heart and brain all the time. I live and sleep with music.

ABBA was founded in 1972 and won the Song Contest two years later Eurovision with the song “Waterloo”. In 1982, the group broke up and its members started solo careers.

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